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Animal Crossing's Isabelle Needs To Learn To Read A Room

Animal Crossing's Isabelle is an undeniable icon. Even Doomguy loves her. Reddit user pkbronsonb shared a screenshot from Animal Crossing: New Horizons that proves that Isabelle may not always have the clearest idea of what's going on in the real world. 


In the screenshot, Isabelle asks players, "With March coming to an end, I wonder ... how has this month treated everyone? Good, I hope!"

This immediately brought to mind all of the concerns with the coronavirus outbreak that have particularly picked up within the last month. Redditors came to Isabelle's aid in the comments immediately in an attempt to protect the beloved character from the outside world. "Isabelle is an innocent beautiful flower, do not tell her how terrible things are," read one comment.

One user pointed out how many of the CDC and the WHO's rules are being broken by the characters in the game. "A major part of the game is visiting other islands and coming back to the home island," which means that nobody in New Horizons is practicing proper social distancing. Maybe they should follow the WHO's new #PlayApartTogether initiative. Surely there's plenty to do on the island without spreading germs.


A few other Redditors have pointed out that Isabelle seems to always have a drink in her hand or nearby. It almost looks like Isabelle knows what's been going on and has turned to a stiff drink to get through things. "At least she's a cheerful drunk and not a 'I haven't seen another human being in over a week' drunk," says one commenter.

Even though Isabelle seems to be out of the loop, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has managed to brighten the long days in quarantine for some players. One of the most wholesome comments in this thread reads, "Well it was my birthday today and I had the game set up for the same date. Was very pleasantly surprised when my villagers came and threw a birthday for me in game. Honestly made my day, was all smiles during the whole thing. Can't see my friends and family in real life, but this game managed to brighten my day a lot with just this one gesture. Thank you Nintendo, and especially the devs, for making the game with this amount of love and care."

Isn't that what it's all about? It's nice to see gamers keeping their heads up in the midst of a tense time.