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The Untold Truth Of FaZe Clan's Mansion

Though it may have started as a ragtag group of Call of Duty trick shooters uploading their impressive feats to YouTube, FaZe Clan has grown into one of the most recognizable names in competitive video games worldwide. The organization now has members in several different countries and a virtual army of streamers who create online content. 


After taking off in the esports scene, FaZe Clan moved into two separate Hollywood Hills mansions in 2018. While the mansion dubbed "The Clout House" housed members of FaZe Clan, the other sheltered a variety of influencers such as RiceGum and Sommer Ray. Though both of these properties are large, the organization pivoted towards a different arrangement to better fit the needs of FaZe Clan and the Clout Gang.

In December 2019, Dexerto reported the FaZe Clan members would be moving out of their Los Angeles homes, and it was later revealed they would be consolidating into a single location. The official FaZe Clan YouTube channel has since unveiled the inside of this expensive property. Here are all the details about FaZe Clan's extravagant new mansion.


A size matched only by its price

The new FaZe Clan mansion is quite the spectacle, with no less than ten bedrooms and 16 bathrooms for members of the FaZe Clan to call their own. But how much does it cost to call this massive mansion home? According to the real estate YouTube channel AHR, the estimated value of the house is around $10 million. However, in the video revealing the new home to its YouTube audience, FaZe Clan claims the value is actually $30 million.


Since the mansion has yet to be purchased, the actual value remains unclear. According to AHR, FaZe Clan began leasing the property in March, and the cost of rent is roughly $80,000 a month with an initial security deposit of $100,000. For perspective, splitting that cost among the ten FaZe Clan members living in the house averages out to $8,000 per person every single month. While that may seem like a princely sum to pay, AHR mentions that the previous FaZe Clan homes cost about a combined $80,000 a month in rent.

Justin Bieber's former home

Another YouTuber turned international superstar reportedly inhabited the mansion before FaZe Clan: singer, songwriter, and music sensation Justin Bieber. During an interview with BBC Radio 1, he revealed he used to go bass fishing in the lake, took advantage of the water slide, and even hiked up the nearby mountains between tours.


Justin Bieber left more than just his legacy behind for the members of FaZe Clan to enjoy. Bieber was responsible for one of the property's more interesting decorative features. He divulged to the BBC reporter that he ordered the lake-side alligator statues (which FaZe Clan highlighted in its house tour video) off the internet. 

This reportedly isn't the first time FaZe Clan has taken over a home previously occupied by Justin Bieber. According to the AHR, the Canadian pop star once lived in the mansion that later became known as the Clout House.

FaZe Kay and FaZe Jarvis aren't in the main house

While there is a whole crowd of FaZe Clan members occupying the new property, not all of them are living in the main house. The complex the group is leasing has ten bedrooms, but several of those bedrooms are located outside the property's largest structure. On the opposite side of the pool from the main house is the one bedroom pool house. This is where FaZe Kay lives.


In addition to FaZe Kay's detached pool house, one other streamer is living somewhat apart from the rest of the gang. FaZe Jarvis, the infamous Fortnite player who was banned for life after openly using aimbots in some of his video content, lives above the garage in his own semi-separate pad. 

Even though they aren't in the main house, the siblings will still participate the high jinks the FaZe Clan crew will undoubtedly get up to in future videos.

FaZe Clan can enjoy luxury in private

When living in a multi-million dollar home, it's understandable that you may experience some paranoia about break-ins or other privacy violations. That goes double when you're a public figure, as that could make it easier for people to target your home. Luckily for FaZe Clan, their new mansion has an impressive security set-up that is likely to ward off any potential home invaders. Along with a state-of-the-art home security system, there are reportedly 20 exterior security cameras located around the property to monitor the premises.


Aside from the cameras, the house also has a gated entrance to help further protect the privacy of the FaZe Clan members living there. Not only does this add a bit of celebrity flair to the home's curb appeal, but it helps further separate the mansion's residents from curious onlookers and nosy fans who may have trouble respecting FaZe Clan's privacy.

Internet fit for gamers

With a house full of people playing online video games competitively and consistently making and uploading content for sites like Twitch and YouTube, FaZe Clan requires an impressive internet connection. Luckily for the gang, the new FaZe mansion has been outfitted with the best of the best. In the house tour video, FaZe Cizzorz talks about just how fast the house's connection runs. 


You can see the outcome of an internet speed test conducted by Ookla, a company that provides free internet evaluations online. The results of the test show that the new FaZe house has a download speed of 940 Mbps and an upload speed of 939.17 Mbps. This is nearly a whole gigabyte per second of uploading and downloading that everyone in the FaZe house has access to on the property. 

For context, Ookla reported an average download speed of 132.55 Mbps and an average upload speed of 49.69 Mbps in the United States as of March 2020. Though the figures fluctuate slightly, that means the FaZe house has a download speed that's seven times as fast as the average connection in the United States.

Tons of space for outside activities

Not only does the property come with its own in-ground pool, but there is also a private lake. This opens up a whole world of possibilities, from boating to fishing to shooting crazy YouTube videos on the water. However, while chilling by in the lake or pool is the perfect leisurely activity for a hot LA day, there is more fun to be had in the backyard of the new FaZe Clan mansion.


Notably, there is a ton of space, meaning the entire group can make use of all the room to play a variety of games and sports. Additionally, the home comes with a few fun inclusions, including a tree house and a trampoline. A more wacky feature that came with the home is the giant chessboard staged in the corner of the backyard, allowing FaZe Clan members to hone their tactics and practice different mental strategies they may be able to take online.

The team that lifts together stays together

For a mansion located in Los Angeles and that has housed famous superstars such as Justin Bieber, privacy comes at a premium. Of course, one way to help with privacy concerns would be to include amenities on the property so whoever is living there doesn't have to go out. No need to go to a public pool when there's one in the backyard, right? Well, fortunately, the property supplies a pool and then goes one step even further. 


In the backyard, just behind the pool house where FaZe Kay lives, there is a small, separate building that contains a dedicated workout space for members of the household to use to their hearts' content. The private gym appears to be a single room that is outfitted with a television, hand weights, and upwards of a dozen different workout stations.

From one home theater to another

Previous FaZe Clan houses have included home theaters, and this new property is no different. The new theater set-up occupies a separate room in the basement and features a big screen, a projector, and three rows of large, reclining seats. With all of that space, the group could feasibly use the room for a wide variety of uses. 


Aside from using the theater to watch movies or television together on the big screen, FaZe Clan could also use the area for work purposes. For example, they could view streams from other esports competitors to brainstorm tactics that fit their play styles. However, it seems like most of the time spent there will be chilling out and enjoying the mega-sized display. The only question is how they decide whose YouTube videos to watch when all of the FaZe Clan housemates gather together for a group screening.

Taking personal care to a new level

Similar to how the new FaZe Clan gym on the property allows the team members to exercise in a convenient and private venue, there is another relatively unique space located within the new FaZe Clan mansion. In the basement of the main house is a small spa area, complete with a barber chair and hair washing station. While many people likely have memories of parents cutting their hair in the kitchen or bathrooms of their childhood homes, FaZe Clan's house takes things up a few notches, providing a space where professional stylists can offer a full hair care service.


In addition to getting their hair needs taken care of, the adjacent room showcases another luxurious aspect: a dedicated massage room. This intimate space features a full-length massage table and a small fountain to add to the relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to these features, the FaZe Clan members have all they require for hair maintenance and stress reduction without leaving the comfort of their home.

A room for more than just video games

Aside from swimming in the luxurious pool, fishing in the lake, jumping on the trampoline, watching movies in the home theater, or playing games on their top of the line gaming rigs, what is a member of FaZe Clan supposed to do if they want to have some fun inside of their new digs? It turns out their house has an area that is well equipped to deal with any potential boredom. Or, at the very least, it could keep the members of FaZe Clan sane if the internet went out.


In the basement of the new FaZe House, there is a room dedicated to non-video game related fun. This space is furnished with an air hockey table, a foosball table, and a pinball machine, all of which stand opposite a bar area. Whether members of FaZe Clan will use that space to break into the competitive air hockey scene is yet to be determined.

There's a full recording studio

A soundproof recording studio waits in the basement of the new FaZe Clan mansion. On his YouTube channel, FaZe Adapt posted a video highlighting the studio and going into more detail about the room. From the video tour, you can see the studio not only features top-of-the-line sound equipment, but also a very cool lighting set-up and even some decorative sand.


Adapt explains that Justin Bieber used to record music in the same studio, and shows video clips of Bieber making use of the room. According to FaZe Teeqo, Justin Bieber moved into the house without knowing about the recording studio. Allegedly, the Canadian pop star lived there for a couple months before finding the space. By FaZe Teeqo's telling, Bieber was wandering around the house when he saw a maid cleaning a room he'd never been inside of before.

Following in the footsteps of many popular YouTubers, members of FaZe Clan have recorded their own music. Perhaps this room could enable different members of the group to record more music, as well as episodes of FaZe Banks' podcast, Mom's Basement, which he hosts with Daniel "Keemstar" Keem.


There are open bedrooms for new FaZe Clan members

Though not every FaZe Clan member lives in the lavish mansion, a decent chunk of the team calls the palatial property home. As of this writing, there appear to be ten members of FaZe Clan sharing the space: FaZe Rain, FaZe Teeqo, FaZe Temperrr, FaZe Kay, FaZe Cizzorz, FaZe Jarvis, FaZe Banks, FaZe Adapt, TeaWap, and Brandon Awadis.


Despite a large number of residents already living in the house, there are still two empty bedrooms up for grabs. FaZe Banks even said those rooms could be occupied by future members of the team. "We are looking for new people, always," Banks divulged. "That could be your [expletive] room one day." 

FaZe Clan brought its most recent member, FaZe Swag, into the fold on April 4, 2020, and the gaming giant has shown no signs of slowing down its acquisition of new streamer talent. So, if you've been holding out hope of joining the FaZe Clan and living a life of luxury in its new mansion, your chance may be coming soon.