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Where To Find All Of Cloud's Weapons In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Like any self-respecting action-RPG, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is not lacking in the weapons department. In fact, each of the four main party characters have a total of six weapons they can acquire throughout the game. Lead protagonist Cloud Strife is the kind of guy who speaks softly and carries a big sword, so it shouldn't be a surprise that he has multiple swords than can be found as you progress through Final Fantasy 7 Remake's story.


Some of these swords are rewarded for completing certain sections of the game, while others must be found or purchased through other means. Naturally, they all have different pros and cons, so we'll cover those as well. That way, you can figure out if they're worth the trouble of hunting them down. Let's take a look at Cloud's arsenal and where each of these awesome swords can be located within Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Buster Sword

Cloud's iconic Buster Sword is the easiest weapon for him to come by. All you need to do is start up the game and your hero will already have it equipped and ready to start slashing. The Focused Thrust ability is attached to this sword, during which Cloud will lunge forward and stab at his foes, staggering them.


The item description for the Buster Sword calls it "A large broadsword that has inherited the hopes of those who fight." Now you don't have to hope you'll find it, because you're going to start right off with it.

Iron Blade

The Iron Blade is given to Cloud by the Weapons Vendor during Chapter 3 of the game. It's a little more magic-focused than some of the other weapons in the game. It also comes with the ability Triple Slash, which does exactly what it sounds like and is pretty effective.


The Iron Blade is described as "A greatsword cast from carefully selected iron ore."

Nail Bat

The Nail Bat is a little different from Cloud's other weapons in the game, looking like something out of a Mad Max movie. You can only get it by completing a side quest in Chapter 8 called "Kids on Patrol." Once you've found a group of missing kids in the forest and defeated a nearby villain named the Toad King, one of the kids will reward you with the Nail Bat. This weapon comes with the devastating Disorder attack. 


The game describes the Nail Bat as "A crudely reinforced baseball bat. Designed to beat the living tar out of anything and everything."


The Hardedge is a massive broadsword that looks like the evolution of the Buster Sword you began the game with. It's also easier to come by than some of the other swords. Starting at Chapter 9, the Hardedge can be purchased from the Wall Market Weapon Shop. Hardedge gives Cloud the ability to use Infinity's Edge, which is a hugely damaging overhead slashing attack.


The in-game description tells us that the Hardedge is "A mighty blade able to cleave in one stroke anything foolish enough to stand in the wielder's way."

Mythril Saber

The Mythril Saber is about as simple to acquire as the Hardedge, surprisingly. In Chapter 14 of the game, the Mythril Saber can be outright purchased at the Wall Market Weapons Shop. The ability that comes with this sword is the "Blade Burst," which fires a wave of energy at your opponents. It's one of the best swords in the game, particularly if you prefer to build up Cloud's magic abilities.


It's described as "An immense sword made from magic-infused mythril ore."

Twin Stinger

Lastly, we have the Twin Stinger. This well-rounded sword gives you decent defense and magic boosts and is luckily rather easy to find. During Chapter 17, you'll attempt to rescue Red XIII and face down a ton of enemies. While heading through Passage C in the Shinra Electric Power Company, you'll find a large purple chest. It's literally impossible to miss this chest, so the only way you won't get the Twin Stinger from it is if you just choose to ignore it for some reason.


The Twin Stinger comes with the ability Counterstance. True to its name, Counterstance retaliates against enemy attacks for higher damage. The description for this sword calls it "A sword forged from two existing blades. Well suited for materia."