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Famous People Who Can't Stand FaZe Jarvis

Though he only joined the popular esports organization FaZe Clan as recently as April 2019, Jarvis Khattri, otherwise known as FaZe Jarvis, has become quite a hot topic among Fortnite fans and professional players. After using a cheating technique known as an aimbot in Fortnite, FaZe Jarvis was permanently banned from the popular game. This resulted in a tearful vlog in which Jarvis states he will no longer be eligible to compete in official tournaments or play the game from any of his accounts.


Since dropping out of school to jump-start his career in the world of esports, the 18-year-old gamer has already faced his first major scandal, making him a bit of a controversial figure in the eyes of many players who disagree with his violation of Epic Games' terms of service. While some have overlooked his cheating scandal, others are less forgiving. Here is a list of the people and organizations that have a problem with FaZe Jarvis or have spoken out about what he's done.

Epic Games issues a lifetime ban

Once Jarvis was reported for cheating, Epic Games took swift action, issuing a permanent ban to the streamer. But does the punishment fit the crime? When looking at Epic Games' community guidelines under the "Cheating and Trolling" section, the publisher affirms "a fair game is a fun game," stating that cheating of any kind is unacceptable. The consequences for players found to be cheating are outlined as follows:


"The type of action we'll take for a particular violation of these rules is determined on a case-by-case basis. We'll look at severity, whether you're a repeat offender, and other factors. Action taken can be anything from a warning for less severe offenses, all the way up to a permanent account ban."

Given he's a first time offender, Jarvis' punishment may seem a bit harsh. However, Epic has remained steadfast in the face of prominent streamers like Ninja criticizing the decision and fans promoting the hashtag #FreeJarvis on Twitter, hoping to reverse the ban.

Angry Joe has no sympathy for cheaters

Those familiar with the AngryJoeShow know Joe gets riled up pretty easily when talking about what he views as sub-par video games. He's built his entire brand around that particular facet of his personality, resulting in a channel that's lasted over ten years now. Hence, it's understandable that a sensitive topic like hacking within the gaming community is something he would feel especially passionate about. 


ASJ News discussed the drama surrounding FaZe Jarvis and his Fortnite ban. During the panel, Joe openly talks about his distaste for cheating in the gaming world, stating "we hate cheaters." It's also apparent he doesn't feel much sympathy for the young Jarvis and his lifetime ban.

Angry Joe prompts Jarvis to take responsibility for his actions. "You know what you're doing. You know what the ramifications are for cheating. You know what cheating does in the game," quipped Joe. "That's encouraging your 9-year-old army to cheat and ruin our games for the rest of us who don't like cheaters." He continues, "I'm sorry bro ... make your money off children elsewhere."

Urnotjustin suggests the cheating might have gone deeper

Urnotjustin is an Overwatch gamer who has taken time out of his schedule in the past to talk about FaZe Clan, or more specifically FaZe Banks. In this video, Urnotjustin jokingly claims to have put in an application to join the Clout Gang, but it's unlikely that his takedown of FaZe Banks or his video on FaZe Jarvis is going to improve his standing with FaZe Clan. 


Staying in line with his focus on the hair of FaZe Clan members, Justin starts off his video on FaZe Jarvis by describing him as "the sweaty lovechild of a Brillo pad and Dustin from Stranger Things." He expands that description later on in the video, stating Jarvis is equal parts Brillo pad, Dustin from Stranger Things, and Recoome from Dragon Ball Z.

Throughout the mocking video, Urnotjustin breaks down Jarvis' decision to use aimbots and suggests Jarvis could have been using aimbots since the start of his career. Knowing this sort of suggestion could make Jarvis' followers angry, he jokes that "Brillo Pad Andy's fans" will be coming for him because of the video. Without any evidence to back up his theory, Urnotjustin ends on a bit of an ambivalent note, saying, "Does he deserve to be permanently banned? I don't want to say yes, but it's definitely not a no from me."


It'sAGundam says Jarvis was irresponsible

On his Twitch channel, It'sAGundam typically plays FPS titles and offers commentary on a variety of social issues. In the description for his YouTube channel, he describes himself as a "culture critic, trash Comedian, failed musician" and "the voice of a disenfranchised generation." 


In this vein, It'sAGundam made a video discussing Ninja's comments about FaZe Jarvis' aimbot videos and his permanent ban from playing the game. The streamer spends the majority of the video expressing his distaste for Ninja and his opinions, while also squeezing in a few of his own opinions about FaZe Jarvis.

"Everybody knows how crazy hacks are. That's why they exist. That's why Epic sues people. Come on! Nobody needs a video. He's literally promoting hacking," said It'sAGundam. Riffing on that last point, the content creator talked about how Jarvis' young audience would react to seeing him use cheats. He speculates some viewers could respond, "Well, Jarvis did it and got away. Maybe I'll do it too." 


In the end, It'sAGundam criticizes Jarvis with the notion, "If this is his career that's making him money, why would he do something to jeopardize that? It's common sense."

Griffin Gaming thinks Jarvis is cringey

Following Jarvis' cheating scandal, YouTube content creator Griffin Gaming decided to weigh in on the situation with a roast video where he broke down the "cringe" of FaZe Jarvis telling his subscribers he had been permanently banned from Fortnite. Here's Griffin Gaming's take on the whole situation:


"This young genius, the young f***ing Einstein here, he decided he was gonna take that footage ... and upload it to his YouTube channel for almost 2 million people to see it ... That's like committing a crime and then sending the police the video of you committing that crime and then complaining that, you know, you get arrested for it." 

While this video would have likely been the final word on the FaZe Jarvis drama, Griffin Gaming dropped another Jarvis video after the first was allegedly targeted by a copyright claim from FaZe Jarvis himself, adding further fuel to the flames. "The claim was manual," said Griffin Gaming. "Either he or someone from his network saw the video and claimed it manually to purposefully steal money from my video."


As a followup to the followup, Griffin Gaming then put out yet another video where he breaks down Jarvis' music video "Banned 4 Life," which was also hit with a copyright claim according to the pinned comment.

SidAlpha is just disappointed

SidAlpha made a video reacting to the Jarvis situation with a particular focus on Ninja's comments in defense of Jarvis and advocating for Epic to treat content creators differently than other members of the community. Notably, SidAlpha does not take a mocking tone in his video to make jokes. Instead, he reacts to the situation by highlighting the responsibilities that come with being an influencer and online entertainer.


Though the video centers on Ninja, SidAlpha does have a few choice words about FaZe Jarvis. He characterizes his use of aimbots for a video as "the desire for cheap views ... " He also goes on to call Jarvis' antics "low-brow, bottom-of-the-barrel nonsense." 

SidAlpha slams Jarvis for reportedly being a bad influence for his youthful audience. "You are creating a form of sensationalized content that promotes the cheats themselves, and no matter what caveats you put at the beginning of the video to make yourself feel a little bit better about what it is that you are doing, you are encouraging your viewers, and in this case many of them underage viewers, to cheat." 

Throughout the video, SidAlpha seems to be more disappointed than angry in the lack of foresight and the supposed lack of seriousness with which Jarvis approaches his content creation.


Asmongold sympathizes with an impulsive kid

Asmongold may not be as well known on YouTube, but on Twitch he has accumulated over 1.3 million loyal followers that tune in to watch him play World of Warcraft. According to TwitchMetrics, Asmongold is the biggest World of Warcraft streamer on Twitch by a relatively large margin. Following the FaZe Jarvis situation, Asmongold relayed his feelings to his followers, saying, "The kid's an idiot for cheating in the game." 


Asmongold acknowledges Jarvis's mistake is likely due to his age, and people likely feel sympathy because of that fact. "The only reason anyone's saying any sort of f***ing leniency for the kid is because he's a f***ing kid." Asmongold sympathized with Jarvis' situation to an extent, admitting he also did stupid things when he was a kid and that most people do too.

Though his words are undoubtedly harsh, Asmongold attempts to find a fair compromise that would teach Jarvis a lesson, while still allowing him to continue his life as a content creator. According to the streamer, "I'd ban him until he's 18 ... and then permanently ban him from professional events. So he can still make content about the game, but he can't compete. I think that would probably be the best middle ground."