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Ninja Reveals The Hypocrisy Behind FaZe Jarvis Ban

Ninja has some real issues with Fortnite: Chapter 2, and things may have just gotten more heated than ever. One of the more frustrating recent additions to the game are the Henchmen, the AI-controlled enemies patrolling Fortnite these days. While they're relatively easy to kill, they are also incredible shots every now and then, which can make for an annoying situation.


On April 2, Ninja took Epic Games to task in a tweet that has received a significant response. "This tweet is 50% a joke 50% serious," wrote Ninja. "Fortnite Bans Faze Jarvis permanently for hacking, yet has hundreds of these little [expletive] running around every single game. THIS IS BROKEN."

In the accompanying clip, you can see Ninja attempting to get his character away from an attacking Henchman. As Ninja glides away from the enemy, he's shot down. He doesn't take this well, howling in rage at the screen. But what does this have to do with FaZe Jarvis?

Last year, FaZe Jarvis landed himself in hot water when he uploaded a video of himself using an aimbot while playing Fortnite. He openly admitted to it, showing viewers how easy it was to take out opponents with aim-assisting hacks. Epic Games reacted swiftly, issuing FaZe Jarvis a permanent ban from Fortnite


Since then, Jarvis' relationship with the game (and the controversy itself) has been a strange one. It all culminated in a bizarre diss track and accompanying music video in which Jarvis hit back at his critics and made it clear he disagreed with the ban.

One of Jarvis' most vocal defenders has been Ninja, whose initial response to Jarvis' ban was nearly as controversial as the ban itself. At the time, Ninja said that Jarvis' status as a content creator with a huge audience should be taken into account when determining disciplinary action. 

"There's a difference between a content creator who has millions of subscribers, who then gets banned from what makes him money, and some kid ... who has zero followers, zero money from gaming and hacks," Ninja explained. "You ban that kid and nothing happens to him ... You ban Jarvis, it's different."

Ninja later dialed these comments back somewhat. He continued to support the idea of Jarvis' account being reinstated, however. In recent months, Ninja has proposed that Jarvis could do some kind of community service to earn back his Fortnite account. He's also compared the entire debacle to the recent scandal surrounding the players accused of cheating during the Fortnite Champion Series.


"Jarvis cheats in a, uh, online, regular game for no money and gets a full-time ban. Players get caught cheating in a tournament for money and they get banned for 60 days," said Ninja, pointing out the disparity in the punishments.

Fellow streamer CouRageJD has said he felt Epic intended to "make an example" out of Jarvis by issuing a lifetime ban to a high profile gamer. If that's the case, it's likely why Jarvis' ban has become so hotly debated.

Ninja seems to feel Jarvis shouldn't have been permanently banned for using aimbots when the game's actual AI characters apparently have supernatural accuracy. Fortnite: Chapter 2 has proven to be massively divisive amongst players, so there may be some merit to his complaints.

Another member of FaZe Clan agreed with Ninja that the Henchmen appear to be unfairly programmed. In a response to Ninja's clip, FaZe Motor complained that the Henchman have recently begun shooting through walls with the same level of accuracy. In other words, these NPCs might as well have aimbots of their very own.

For what it's worth, Jarvis also responded to Ninja's tweet, appearing to agree with Ninja's sentiments. Jarvis wrote, "Faze jarvis banned for aimbot.. fortnite adds aimbot in game gg."


Rather than come down on Jarvis for this response, some people seemed to see the similarities between Jarvis' infractions and the problems with the Henchmen. One commenter replied that Jarvis should "just become a henchman," which Jarvis seemed to get a kick out of.

Another commenter came to FaZe Jarvis' support, echoing Ninja's previous sentiments. This person believed Jarvis should have his ban rescinded, tweeting, "he learned his lesson and other people dont [sic] get punished for ainbotting [sic] but he does!"

Ninja may have a point here, one that has been reiterated by many fans. Regardless of how you feel about the FaZe Jarvis situation, some players clearly feel there isn't much consistency when it comes to Epic's standards for punishment.