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How To Use Locked Attachments In Modern Warfare And Warzone

Tired of the grind? Anxious to build the ideal weapon for Warzone? We have the perfect hack for you, dear player. This isn't exactly a hack in the sense that you need any kind of coding or computer know-how. Rather, this is an insanely easy way to use previously locked attachments in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone.


Gamebattles has been added to Modern Warfare, and can be found under the Private Match tab. This mode gives players access to just about everything (guns, attachments, and other accessories) in order to facilitate an even playing field. In this multiplayer menu, players can build their ideal loadout, complete with all five attachments. This includes any attachments that players might've not yet gotten around to unlocking. Gamebattles is a good place to try out grips, muzzles, and the like to see what works best for you.

Once you've built the best gun possible, give it a name (might we suggest NoobSlayer5000) and save it as a custom mod. From there you can go back into the main Modern Warfare and/or Warzone menu and navigate over to the loadout selection. Instead of picking the boring old guns you've built up via grinding, you can select "blueprint/Custom Mod." Choosing your bespoke weapon complete with all the attachments you can dream up is as easy as that. The only hard part about this apparent hack is making sure that the base gun is leveled enough to receive attachments. Once it is, go nuts. Even all souped up with attachments, the gun will still continue to level as you play.


It's wholly possible that Infinity Ward will shut this down since this hack isn't exactly what developers had in mind when it comes to progression. For now, however, each and every attachment is fair game.