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This Warzone Weapon Is Way Overpowered

Ninja recently complained about how custom loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone allow every player to have the same badass weapons. However, there's an even more insidious killer at work in the new battle royale game: trucks.


Yes, players are turning to the trucks found scattered around Warzone's map to run down their enemies. It's a decent strategy, considering the ramming power and protection afforded by hopping into a vehicle. Now, however, the trucks in Warzone have apparently become powerful enough to kill enemies that they aren't even touching. Not only that, but even being inside a building and won't keep players safe from the hatred radiating from these infernal machines. Imagine how frustrated you'd be if every GTA Online heist was foiled by someone accidentally backing into the casino your team was in and you may have an idea of what Warzone players are dealing with here.

Several gamers have shared video of this strange phenomenon, which is obviously thanks to a glitch. One clip comes to us from Twitch streamer and Youtube Lukeasaki. In the clip, you can see a soldier standing in a window and watching as another player in a truck begins to back up towards the house where they've taken shelter. The truck makes contact with the window frame, not even brushing against the soldier, and yet the player is killed instantly. So either the truck caused some kind of shockwave that murdered the soldier (unlikely) or this is a major bug.


Lukesaki goes with the latter, captioning his clip with "BUG: you can kill people inside buildings with the cargo truck on #calllofduty #modernwarfare #Warzone." In addition, he tagged Activision, Activision Support, and Infinity Ward's Twitter accounts in the post. It appears that these accounts have yet to respond to Lukesaki publicly, but hopefully he'll get a message from at least one of those accounts about this issue in the near future.

An even wilder example of the supernatural powers of these vehicles was posted to Twitter by gamer and Call of Duty commentator Chance. In this clip, Chance can be seen firing at an enemy in a truck and then retreating to the inside of an airplane. We get to see the ensuing insanity from Chance's POV. As he begins to pick up the loot from inside the cargo plane, he suddenly falls over dead. The vehicle outside had apparently run into the airplane and that was enough to instantly kill his character. 

"I'm in an airplane!" Chance shouts in disbelief. As his partner laughs hysterically at how ridiculous the whole situation is, the game's Killcam then shows us that Chance's suspicions were correct: a truck just kind of taps the side of the plane, which apparently deliveries the blow that ended Chance's match.


Rather than draw Infinity Ward or Activision's attention to the issue, Chance appeared to be telling his followers that he was simply done with the battle royale game. The only caption he provided with this clip was the very Shark Tank-esque, "And for that reason, I'm out."

It appears that not only are the trucks glitchy and capable of killing anything in their path, but that some players have simply glommed onto the idea of using them for quick and easy kills. They're clearly the most powerful weapon in the game, custom weapon loadouts be damned.

One Twitter user replied to Chance's post with a clip of his own, showing how quickly a truck can turn the tide of war. After sniping at their enemies and chucking a grenade at them, they ran into a house. Seconds later, they were killed when the truck struck a doorframe that was off to the side of the player. Another user shared a clip showing their character being killed when a truck struck a fence they were standing next to.

This is clearly an issue that needs to be corrected. How many players are being sent to the Gulag by rogue trucks that aren't even connecting with them? It's no wonder that streamers like Dr Disrespect have gotten fed up with Warzone. This truck glitch might be even more frustrating than the game's inconsistent hitboxes.


On the plus side, we know that Infinity Ward is diligently taking care of cheaters in Warzone. While Activision has managed to ban over 50,000 accounts belonging to cheaters, maybe Infinity Ward also needs to look into fixing glitches like this that players can take advantage of. It's kind of like the players that have discovered the trick that allows you to kill parachuting Warzone players before the match has even started. It's not exactly cheating, but it doesn't seem entirely sportsmanlike, does it?