The Most Bizarre Games Coming Out In 2020

There are a ton of games released every year, and even though we've seen quite a few delays in 2020, there are still plenty to look forward to. 2020 has already been a great year for games and it's not even close to being over yet. There are some truly unique and downright bonkers games coming our way this year, including romance RPGs with a twist and puzzle games that truly have to be seen to be believed.


It's always exciting to find a game that's willing to think outside the box and ask the player to meet it on its own terms. The following games definitely seem to do just that, challenging popular conceptions of what a game is or should be. It's clear that the developers behind these games let their imaginations run wild, and the world of gaming may be all the better for it. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the stranger titles on the horizon.

An Airport for Aliens Currently Run By Dogs (no, really)

Against all odds, the title of this particular game isn't even the strangest thing about An Airport for Aliens Currently Run By Dogs. The excessively titled game follows the exploits of two of the last humans alive as they try to get a flight to one another. Standing in their way is an airport where all of the instructions are in an alien language and all of the employees have been replaced by stupid dogs. The couple must solve alien puzzles and deal with the dogs' attempts at doing their jobs if they hope to be reunited.


Apparently the game's developer originally used stock photos of dogs as character placeholders while he was designing the game. However, he found the appearance of these dogs hilarious in such an incongruous setting and therefore decided to make them into an integral part of the game. This is a vibe that seems to carry through the rest of the game's design.

After playing a demo of the game at PAX East, TheGamer's Andrew Penney said, "The overall lazy theme of the game is quite intentional and surprisingly entertaining."

12 Minutes is longer than you think

Coming from publisher Annapurna Interactive, 12 Minutes follows a doomed couple stuck in a time loop. As they sit down for a romantic meal, they are attacked by an intruder in their home. Every time things go wrong, and every time the husband is given the chance to change things ever so slightly. This can mean something as small as picking up a knife for defense before you sit down or something as drastic as hiding in a closet and seeing if the killer behaves any differently. You can also attempt to warn your wife of the upcoming attack, but the game will eventually let you know which arguments aren't going to lead anywhere. 


Hands-on reviews have been positive for this game that looks like a more intimate and nightmarish take on Annapurna Interactive's Outer Wilds. Xbox One and PC gamers will be able to attempt to alter fate sometime in 2020.

Boyfriend Dungeon is "Tinder for swords"

Boyfriend Dungeon is an action-RPG that allows fans of sword and sorcery to do what they've really always wanted to do: date their weaponry. The game has been described as "Tinder for swords," and with good reason. Between battling through procedurally-generated dungeons, you will be able to level up your sword (who turns into a humid partner) by romancing them on a series of dates. Think Persona's "Confidant" system, only with badass swords. In what may be the actual best pun of 2020, these swords are called "Bae Blades."


Since being funded by Kickstarter a few years ago, Boyfriend Dungeon has been delayed a few times. Its Nintendo Switch release is finally scheduled for sometime this year, which was announced back in December 2019 with a truly fantastic trailer

Despite the "Boyfriend" in the title, Boyfriend Dungeon aims to be all-inclusive with its romantic interests. Players can date male, female, and non-binary sword characters in their quest for love and victory.