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Metal Gear Solid 6: Will We Ever Get A Sequel?

Metal Gear Solid was, at one time, a fixture of gaming. It was assumed (rather than speculated on) that Konami would continue pumping out new entries because gamers were willing to pay for sequel after sequel. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain received a host of awards and record sales ... but it just might be the franchise's final game.


Though Konami released Metal Gear Survive in 2018, it wasn't really a proper sequel since its story takes place before the events of The Phantom Pain, making it something of a spin-off prequel. For many MGS fans, Survive wasn't a full-fledged Metal Gear game because Hideo Kojima was excluded from its development. The big beef between Kojima and Konami is the central reason why it is unlikely you'll ever see a follow up to The Phantom Pain.

Konami wasn't a fan of The Phantom Pain. Specifically, the company clashed with Kojima over the time, effort, and ridiculous amount of cash that went into producing the game. The company had pivoted to prioritizing mobile games, which are relatively cheap to make and easy to pepper with microtransactions. AAA action-adventure titles, on the other hand, are arduous affairs with a single price point.


Despite the open ending of The Phantom Pain and Konami's own salt-in-the-wound promise to Kojima to produce his games without him, Survive seemed to confirm Metal Gear Solid would not survive the Konami-Kojima divorce. Survive flopped hard — it was missing the Kojima magic touch. That and Konami decided it would be a good idea to force players to pay for save files. It's little wonder Metal Gear Survive became a recurring joke in the industry. 

After that failure, Konami could shy away from attempting more Metal Gear Solid games. Kojima might be interested in continuing the story he started all those years ago, but unfortunately Konami owns the rights to the Metal Gear Solid IP. After the messy split, it's unlikely the company will give Metal Gear Solid back to Kojima. The next generation of consoles might include a surprise Metal Gear Solid game, but at the current moment in time, that seems doubtful.