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The Real Reason FaZe Adapt Was Banned From Twitch

If you've recently attempted to watch one of FaZe Adapt's Twitch streams, you may have noticed the dreaded page that informs viewers his account is unavailable. That's because FaZe Adapt's account was recently issued a three day ban from Twitch and his page has been on lockdown. 


You may be wondering what FaZe Adapt did to deserve a punishment from the streaming platform. Well, you'd be absolutely right to ask. The bad news is that FaZe Adapt doesn't even seem to understand why this happened.

The news first came to light when FaZe Adapt took to Twitter to explain his absence from Twitch. FaZe Adapt was visibly confused by the whole thing. He tweeted an image of his suspension notice to his fans, which doesn't offer much in the way of explanation. The notice read that he was suspended for "Sharing or engaging in sexually suggestive content or activities."

Again, as per usual with Twitch bans, a specific incident wasn't highlighted within the suspension notice itself. This typically leads to it being kind of a guessing game on the part of the folks who end up on the receiving end of Twitch's banhammer.


This accusation clearly surprised FaZe Adapt, who appeared to be racking his brain to figure out why Twitch had made this decision. He also seemed to be somewhat embarrassed by the whole thing, tweeting that the suspension notice "is pretty cringe." However, some of that embarrassment seems to be because he thinks Twitch has made a ridiculous error.

Following his post of the suspension notice, FaZe Adapt was met with several jokes from fans and fellow streamers about what inappropriate content he could have possibly shown on his stream. In response, FaZe Adapt tweeted that he was very "confused," but maintained that he hadn't done anything wrong. 

FaZe Adapt told fans that he "definitely never showed anything sexual like that." However, he further conceded that there was a possibility that he was just "clueless" and that he may have somehow crossed a line in Twitch's amorphous guidelines. 

At least his fans seem to be rallying behind him. One fan tweeted, "Trust bro we know you didnt do s— wrong."

A few hours after sharing the screenshot of his suspension notice, FaZe Adapt posted a video to his Twitter account in which he updated viewers on his feelings toward the ban. In characteristic fashion, FaZe Adapt attempted to laugh off the whole situation.


"What did I do that got me banned for three days?" FaZe Adapt asked in the video. "I don't f—ing even know and I don't care, anymore ... So listen, Twitch, it's cool. I get it, I'll relax. But, like, come on."

FaZe Adapt also mentioned in the brief clip that he loves streaming and will continue to do so. Still, the streamer was visibly irritated by the whole situation.

This isn't the first time in recent memory that a Twitch ban has caused a great deal of confusion for viewers and content creators alike. The platform has a bit of a history of being highly inconsistent when it comes to the severity and length of bans. 

Earlier this month, infamous streamer Alinity was given a 24 hour suspension for accidentally flashing her audience. She had been adjusting her top when the unfortunate wardrobe malfunction took place, but it was enough for Twitch to kick her off for a day. For her own part, Alinity felt that the suspension wasn't nearly long enough and actually imposed a longer break on herself.

Basically, after receiving angry tweets from Twitch viewers who felt that Alinity was getting off light, the streamer revealed that she agreed with them. Alinity told followers on Twitter, "regardless of whatever Twitch decides to do, I'm gonna give myself a 3 day suspension from the platform. I think it is fair. Have yourselves a nice day!" 


She later added, "Yo, if you guys don't like how Twitch handles bans take it with them. How are their inconsistencies my fault?"

The situation has largely blown over by now, but even Ninja threw some shade at it, tweeting joking comments about "[showing] a nip slip without being banned."

Any ban or suspension is going to come with controversy, regardless of the reasons behind it. What's strange is when content creators have no answers for their fans when they find themselves seemingly on the wrong side of the ban hammer. Even if Twitch's guideline enforcements remain rather inconsistent, it may be helpful to at least give streamers a bit more detail in situations like this.