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The Best MK9 Loadout For Call Of Duty: Warzone

The Bruen MK9 is the latest light machine gun (LMG) to bless the Call of Duty: Warzone arena. This high-accuracy weapon is a bit of a pain to obtain since players first need to use an LMG to kill three enemies near smoke in 15 different matches. However, the weapon is worth the effort because it is an armor shredding machine.


As with any gun in Warzone, players can modify the MK9 to suit their preferred playstyle. Perhaps you want to go all in on firepower and turn the LMG into a continuous stream of death and bullets, or maybe you would rather focus on distance and accuracy to transform the MK9 into the assault rifle 2.0. There is no such thing as an objectively wrong loadout, but some are definitely better than others.

Since the MK9 is a recent addition to the Warzone weapon roster, players haven't had enough time to find the de facto loadout to suit all playstyles — assuming one exists — but they have still discovered several loadouts that should pique your interest.

The best MK9 loadout for reducing recoil

The MK9 is arguably the most accurate LMG in Warzone. However, there is always room for improvement, and some players have discovered how to nearly nullify the weapon's recoil.

The most important mods for this loadout are the XRK Summit 26.8" barrel, as it reduces recoil while increasing damage range and bullet velocity, and the Commando Foregrip, which reduces recoil even further while improving aiming stability. This loadout also swaps out the ammo belt for a 60 Round Mag — the significantly hampered clip size is worth the boost in mobility since the barrel and foregrip are bad for player maneuverability. You can also remove the MK9's stock and add a VLK 3.0x Optic to transform the weapon into an assault rifle in everything but name.


Of course, this loadout isn't set in stone, and some players prefer different iterations. For example, some combatants double down on recoil reduction with Stippled Grip Tape and a Monolithic Suppressor — because who wouldn't want to turn an LMG into a stealth weapon? Meanwhile, other players opt for the FORGE TAC Stalker stock to improve aiming so they can basically shoot the wings off a fly.

The best MK9 loadout for support roles

As an LMG, the MK9 is powerful enough to take down an ox, but it weighs as much as one. It might be a light machine gun, but "light" is a relative term in Warzone. Still, players might want to keep up with their teammates without sacrificing the MK9's prodigious power.


To transform the MK9 into a support weapon — again, "support" is a relative term — players should attach a 200 Round Belt. This loadout is all about sustained fire, and you can't get more sustained than a 200 bullet well of ammo. Of course, the drum will weigh the gun down and make it difficult to hit the broad side of a barn, let alone a moving target. To offset this, players should use a Commando Foregrip to upgrade aiming and remove the MK9's stock, which reduces weight. 

The PBX Holo 7 Sight will upgrade target accuracy even further, especially for players who plan to expend the 200 bullet drum in one sustained fury of bullets. This loadout has room for one more mod, and if you want to killstreak and take out everything within a five mile radius on one 200 round clip, you can't ask for a better perk than FMJ. This mod lets the MK9 pierce walls and vehicle armor as easily as it pierces sternums.


Since this MK9 loadout is a bit of a bullet hog, players will need a constant stream of ammo. You should bring a Munitions Box to top off your personal supply, as well as your team's. This is a support build, after all.

The best MK9 loadout for maximizing damage and range

LMGs are known for their range and damage, and since the MK9 is the most accurate LMG in Warzone, each bullet has less bite. While some players prefer to double down on accuracy and craft the world's most precise death machine, others choose to modify their MK9s to match different LMGs in terms of damage and range without sacrificing its astounding accuracy or adding to the weight.


To go this route, start with the Monolithic Suppressor, which increases the weapon's range while also making it silent. Then comes the XRK Horizon 23" barrel to stretch the weapon's range even further — the Summit 26.8" might provide better range, but it also comes with a mobility penalty. In addition, while most players and builds opt for the Commando Foregrip, this loadout favors the Ranger Foregrip as it provides the same range improvement without penalizing player mobility.  As with most LMG builds that minimize weight, this loadout prefers the 60 Round Mags. 

The fifth and final mod for this loadout depends on your priorities. Want better aiming? Use a TAC Laser. Want to decrease the MK9's weight even more? Detach the stock. Virtually any mod that doesn't decrease mobility, damage, or range works with this loadout.


No matter which variation you choose, you will have an LMG that is accurate over long distances with the power and fire rate to back it up. Opponents might as well throw down their weapons and surrender.