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Dr Disrespect TV Show - What We Know So Far

Guy Beahm — better known as Dr Disrespect — has worn a few hats (and a few mullet wigs) over the years. He's been a level designer at Sledgehammer Games. He's been a loudmouth Twitch streamer and all-around internet personality. Now he's set to become a cartoon character.


The Dr Disrespect brand signed a TV deal with Skybound Entertainment at the tail end of 2019. The project is reported to be focused on an animated Dr Disrespect, and will take a look at how the fictional character worked his way to the top of the video game mountain.

Details are on the project are still pretty scarce at this time, as not much has come out since its original announcement. Still, we've gathered everything we know about the show so far and assembled it below for your reading pleasure.

What is the release date for Dr Disrespect's TV show?

So, when can you watch this mysterious new Dr Disrespect show, you ask? Well, that question might be jumping the gun a little bit. Dr Disrespect has signed a deal with Skybound Entertainment to create a TV show, after which it'll be pitched to media companies. There's no guarantee, however, that any networks or streaming services will pick it up.


As long as the Doc's show is without a home, it's tough to nail down an exact start date for it. One thing we can say, though, is it'll likely land somewhere. Reporting from The Verge indicates that Amazon has a "first-look" arrangement with Skybound, and as it happens, Amazon owns Twitch. So if Dr Disrespect's new TV project isn't scooped up by some other company, Amazon may be waiting with open arms.

We'll keep you updated should we hear more about a potential release date.

Is there a trailer for Dr Disrespect's TV show?

Dr Disrespect's TV deal was announced in December 2019. At the time of this writing, in May 2020, we have yet to hear more about it. In some alternate timeline, it's entirely possible we would have already caught a few glimpses of the show. In the current reality, where everyone is social distancing and work-from-home requirements have made content creation more difficult, that has not been the case.


This means we don't have a trailer for the Dr Disrespect TV show just yet. If you're looking for a small taste of what to expect, though, you should go check out the Doc's Twitch channel. If you close your eyes and imagine him as a cartoon, that might get you pretty close to what the finished product could look like.

Who is part of the cast for Dr Disrespect's TV show?

There isn't a whole lot of solid information floating around about Dr Disrespect's new show. That's especially true about the show's cast, which hasn't really been talked about. It seems like a no-brainer that the Doc himself would show up — it's his show, after all. Unfortunately, it's all question marks from there.


Will Dr Disrespect's wife have a part in the project? Will other streamers be recruited as guest stars? Could we potentially see some other famous faces sharing the screen with the two-time? These are questions that have yet to be answered, but as soon as they are, we'll let you know.

What is the plot of Dr Disrespect's TV show?

A show about "how the doctor became the doctor" sounds like something that might air on BBC, right? Well, that's not what's happening here. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Doc's new show will be an origin story of sorts for the Dr Disrespect character. This means we could see — in animated form — how the fictional Doc grew up. We could get to see him win that coveted Blockbuster video game championship (twice).


Perhaps we'll even get to meet Dr Disrespect's cartoon parents. Who could have possibly created and raised this man? Maybe we'll find out.

Sadly, that's all we know about the plot behind the Dr Disrespect TV show at this moment. Be sure to check back, though, as more news will undoubtedly come in the future.