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Famous People Who Can't Stand Dr Disrespect

To say Dr Disrespect is a controversial figure — well, that's just stating the obvious. Anyone who knows anything about the streamer is aware of just how polarizing he is. Whether he's raging at a particular game he's playing or hurling WWE-like insults at other players, Dr Disrespect isn't a man who takes many prisoners.


The end result is a creator who also hasn't made many friends. Dr Disrespect has compiled a long list of feuds in his time on Twitch. Some have come to life seemingly out of the blue. Others have come as a result of direct actions the Doc has taken — his infamous "bathroom stream" at E3 2019 being a key example.

If you're a die-hard fan of Dr Disrespect who tunes in for every broadcast, you might love the man's attitude. Perhaps you don't see what the big fuss is all about. If you're someone who absolutely can't stand the Doc, however, you are definitely not alone. Here are some of the more famous people who don't really like Dr Disrespect.

Syndicate told the Doc to man up

Not every instance of Dr Disrespect beef comes down to something the streamer said about someone else. In some instances, his opinions about video games are enough to rub people the wrong way.

Take the Doc's complaints about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, for example. After the title's release, Dr. Disrespect complained "claymores and shotguns were ruining the game," according to Dexerto. This take didn't sit right with fellow streamer Syndicate, who unleashed a torrent of tweets aimed at Dr. Disrespect in return. Those tweets weren't all that kind.


"you need to man the f*** up on MW," Syndicate wrote to the Doc. "I swear all you do is whine! Don't like something? Learn to counter it." That's one heck of a Twitter drubbing. As it turns out, though, Syndicate wasn't finished. "Claymores my a**.. learn to run the right perk set ups!" he continued. "Or even better so, how about you design another map on stream which you think would be better so people can just camp on that as well."

Dr Disrespect, somewhat surprisingly, had nothing to say in response.

PaladinAmber roasted Dr Disrespect as his 'cousin'

Okay, it's time to talk about the bathroom incident. If you're at least somewhat familiar with Dr Disrespect, you probably heard about the situation. For those of you who missed it, the short version goes like this: Dr Disrespect filmed a skit inside a bathroom at E3. Filming in public restrooms is a no-no — not only because it violates the privacy of others, but because it violates the law in some states.


The move earned the Doc a two-week suspension from Twitch, which many felt was well deserved. It also earned him quite the smackdown from PaladinAmber, who filmed a skit of her own at TwitchCon later in the year.

PaladinAmber dressed up like Dr Disrespect during the event, calling herself the "second cousin twice-removed" of the controversial streamer. From there, she went out of her way to be incredibly respectful to everyone in attendance. She asked permission before filming. She refused to let the cameras follow her into the bathroom. She basically did everything the Doc didn't do at E3.

The bit was a clear shot at Dr Disrespect and his particular brand of entertainment. PaladinAmber is well known for taking down creeps on her own Twitch channel. That day at TwitchCon, she seemingly planted her flag on the side of those who aren't big fans of Dr Disrespect.


Ezekiel III called the Doc a 'moron'

Dr Disrespect's "stream heard round the world" at E3 opened him up to a lot of criticism from views and fellow content creators alike. Some were pretty measured in their responses, chiding the Doc while still keeping the door open for a working relationship of some kind. Others, however, went all in and ripped the streamer a new one.


One of these people was Ezekiel III, a streamer who came in on the Doc hard. It must have been too hard, because Ezekiel III later deleted his tweet. Thanks to Kotaku, however, you can still see exactly what he said. "Doc is [a] f***ing moron," he wrote. "I enjoy people who are crass, tasteless, and fearless. What's unforgivable is total stupidity. This was SO dumb even I wouldn't have done it. The thought process behind this must have been written on a napkin with s*** stains on it."

It's safe to say Ezekiel III probably won't be invited to any of the Doc's birthday parties in the future.

BijouDemi harassed by fans for criticizing the Doc

An aspect many haven't considered about Dr Disrespect's bathroom stream is just how lucky he and the public wound up being. The Doc didn't catch many other people on camera, and he didn't wind up capturing footage of children in the space. The situation could have been a whole lot worse for everyone involved had that been the case.


Twitch streamer BijouDemi made this point rather saliently, though she ended up paying for it when the Doc's fans descended on her. She later deleted her tweet, but Kotaku managed to scribble down what it said while it was live. "All I'm saying is if anyone ever filmed my child using the bathroom, and ESPECIALLY if they streamed it to thousands upon thousands of people, I would do anything possible to absolutely ruin him in every way," BijouDemi wrote. "F*** Dr Disrespect."

Anyone with kids can probably understand the extreme anger BijouDemi felt at the very idea of that happening. Fortunately, it did not. That doesn't give Dr Disrespect a pass for the stream, however, and it's safe to say he'll likely be reminded of what he did for years to come.


Jason Schreier took a Doc attack and hit back

Dr. Disrespect issued an apology for streaming from the bathroom at E3. Most seemed to agree the apology wasn't all that great, though.

"We wanted to capture an adventure, unfortunately we took that adventure into the wrongs [sic] areas unaware of the legalities surrounding it," the Doc wrote. "On behalf of the Dr Disrespect brand, I apologize for this."


You'd think the streamer would've laid low after that. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Dr Disrespect seemingly took issue with some coverage of the incident on Kotaku, and took to Twitter to slam reporter Jason Schreier, who wasn't even the writer behind the piece the Doc was so angry about.

"Hey guys, Jason Schreier here, editor for Kotaku," the streamer wrote. "Analytics shows that Kotaku is on the uprise, average 3-5 likes per tweet compared to 1-3 likes 1 year ago. I also wrote a book about video games. I don't want to brag about it but it's a favorite here at the offices. I hate myself."

Schreier offered up a quick response to the Doc's attack. "Hey man like I said, I'd be happy to chat anytime – if it makes you feel more comfortable I can Skype from the bathroom."


Tyler1 wanted to 'snap' Dr Disrespect in half

Tyler1 is a popular streamer best known for playing League of Legends. Dr Disrespect is a popular streamer best known for playing shooters. Other than their shared occupation, you wouldn't think these two would find many opportunities to interact. The games they enjoy can't be all that similar, so their audiences can't be that similar, right? Somehow, though, the two still found a way to go at each other. It started with little shots back and forth. Then it quickly escalated.


"Look at the facility. Stop looking at my arm, come on guys!" Dr Disrespect said while showing viewers his super-real-and-not-CGI "Champions Club."Alright, go ahead and take a look. Right? This would pound Tyler1 right to the ground." He then added, "Well, he's already pretty much at the ground. The guy is like four foot eleven."

When Tyler1 saw the clip, he wasn't very happy. He pretended a vacuum cleaner was Dr Disrespect and promptly threw that vacuum cleaner to the ground. "I could literally pick you up and snap you over my f***ing knee, little guy," Tyler1 said. "You're a f***king toothpick."

This feud seems to have mellowed in recent months, and the two streamers have mostly left each other alone. Will the situation stay that way, though? That remains to be seen.