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Famous People Who Can't Stand Alinity

Natalia Mogollon, better known as Alinity Divine, is a streamer who consistently has the internet abuzz. She remains at the center of a swarm of animal abuse accusations, and she entered the industry's crosshairs again when she accidentally flashed audiences during a stream. Normally, this would result in a Twitch ban, but in a surprise move, she decided to ban herself for three days while awaiting a verdict from the platform.


As is often the case with popular streamers, Alinity seems to have as many detractors as she does fans. Each person has their own reason for hating her and, like any piece of internet drama, some of these figures are more prominent than others. From fellow streaming personalities to companies shrouded in their own controversies, here are a few of the more famous people who can't stand Alinity Divine.

PewDiePie questions Alinity's motivations for issuing copyright claims

Most internet-savvy people know about PewDiePie. He went from hot dog salesman and harbor captain to the biggest star on YouTube. He primarily creates videos where he comments on memes and other internet oddities. In one such video, he viewed clips of female streamers in allegedly provocative clothes and positions and joked that they were "stupid Twitch thots." This caught the attention of Alinity, who filed a copyright claim because she was featured in the video.


While PewDiePie apologized for his joke, he later roasted Alinity for how she handled the situation. He asserted she copyright striked the video in an effort to steal revenue from him, not because she was legitimately upset. He supported this argument with a clip from a stream where Alinity admits to making "good money" from working with a company who pays her for hitting people with copyright claims.

PewDiePie is normally an easy going guy, but Alinity is one of the few people who seems to genuinely frustrate him.

PETA wanted to permanently ban Alinity

Many people were introduced to Alinity because of the animal abuse accusations levied at her. She has tossed her cat over her headkissed her cat while vodka was in her mouth, and has had a number of questionable encounters with her dog, all on stream. These occurrences stoked a flood of hatred towards Alinity and, like clockwork, PETA joined the chorus of ire.


Once word of clips featuring Alinity allegedly abusing her pets reached PETA, the organization posted numerous tweets calling for her immediate ban. PETA's tweets continued even after the Saskatoon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) concluded her pets are healthy and unharmed. As many commenters pointed out, PETA's own reputation is not exactly spotless, which seemed to only add flames to the fire of an already messy situation.

Even Milo takes issue with Alinity

The world isn't home to many famous people named Milo. After reading this title, you might assume that the far-right radical Milo Yiannopoulos — who was banned from Twitter and Facebook — might also hate Alinity. But, in this case, the Milo in question is Alinity's cat.


In March 2020, Milo bit Alinity during a stream. He just jumped up, grabbed a chunk of her forearm in his mouth, and pulled. You can see Alinity's skin stretch several inches, even though Milo quickly let go. Alinity immediately covered her arm, so you cannot see if his bite drew blood, but the Mayo Clinic warns that cat teeth can easily break the skin and cause infections.

It's unclear what prompted the attack, though Alinity claims it's because Milo reacts poorly to her singing. Whatever the case may be, many felt Alinity had received her just desserts after the string of animal abuse accusations.

Corinna Kopf can't stand Alinity's supposed Twitch ban immunity

A major aspect of Alinity's infamy is that she has largely managed to avoid Twitch bans despite her controversies. This has rubbed some people the wrong way, including Instagram model and streamer Corinna Kopf, who has suffered the wrath of Twitch's ban hammer while Alinity has mostly avoided it.


In December 2019, Corinna Kopf was banned from Twitch because she wore "undergarments" during a stream, which she claims was a designer tank top. Still, she was infuriated at what she viewed as a double standard and pointed out that people had thrown cats on Twitch streams without being banned, a clear reference to Alinity. Even though she was neither tagged nor named in Corinna's post, Alinity fired back at Corinna, who then laid into Alinity even further.

Alinity and Corinna do not appear to have interacted before Corinna's ban. However, Alinity managed to get on the streamer's bad side because she was not banned from Twitch for actions Corinna viewed as significantly more offensive.