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The Truth About PewDiePie's Stunning Transformation

Fans of superstar YouTuber PewDiePie were in for quite a shock recently. A few days ago, PewDiePie's wife Marzia Kjellberg posted a photo of the YouTube star to her Instagram account. The picture showed him apparently working on their home, but it was his physical appearance in the picture that threw fans for a loop. Gone is the super-skinny Pewds that we'd all come to expect. That's right: PewDiePie has abs and the internet doesn't know how to handle it. 


PewDiePie is no stranger to controversy, but people simply weren't ready to see such a major change from the streamer. It just seems impossible for many longtime fans. Reacting to a photo of Pewds' new look, one Twitter user wrote, "Can't believe this is the same guy who bangs on a tambourine and screams 'FLOOR GANG!!'. I love the internet."

During a recent livestream, PewDiePie took questions from his viewers. Pewds remained rather nonchalant as he answered questions about his workout routine. If anything, the YouTube star seemed somewhat sheepish as people asked how he got into such good shape. You can tell he's not really sure how it happened either, or he's at the very least trying to make it seem like less of a big deal. 


In clips of the livestream posted by DexertoPewDiePie fielded more a few questions about his new look. The results of the stream were predictably jokey, but Pewds managed to answer a few burning inquiries regarding how he managed to pull off such a transformation.

One fan asked when PewDiePie got his "shredded washboard abs," which clearly amused the YouTuber. While chuckling, he immediately answered, "They came out of nowhere. I was surprised too."

Right after that, it appeared another person asked about his routine, to which he responded, "See, I'm probably gonna make a video, because so many people are asking."

Naturally, many of the questions about his routine were ab-centric, but according to PewDiePie, his abs usually aren't even the main focus of his workouts. He explained that he typically finishes his workout focusing on abs, but only for about "four to five minutes, tops." 

He added, "I don't even push myself much with it, so honestly, I don't know."

For all the world, it kind of sounded like PewDiePie might have been downplaying his regimen at this point. It would certainly seem like such a major change would require more work than he's letting on, right? That's what one would think. 


However, he also recently posted a photo to his Instagram story that seemingly showed off his extremely sparse "gym setup" in his garage. Needless to say, some people couldn't believe what they were seeing. One fan on Twitter shared the photo of Pewds' bench and the picture of his abs side by side. They wrote, "THIS MAKES THAT?! #pewdiepie #abs."

Elsewhere in the livestream, PewDiePie went into a bit more detail regarding his new daily routine and how it has positively impacted his health.

"I quit drinking, which really, really helped, I think," he said. "There's so much calories in whiskey, I think. At least I can tell a difference.  I started eating a lot more proteins, which fills you up a lot more, so I stopped snacking a lot."

PewDiePie then explained that he used to snack a lot at night, including popcorn and soda. He told viewers that he's cut soda out entirely, drinking only G Fuel or water these days.  He also admitted that he wouldn't have believed this was possible even a few months ago. However, PewDiePie reassured viewers that their whole mentality can change once they start working out.


"If you go without a certain thing, a certain food that you thought was so important ... like cakes or hamburgers or whatever ... the craving to have it disappears completely," Pewds explained. "It might seem, like, a bit strict, but ... I'm better off without it."

"It's tough in the beginning, is what I'm saying," he warned, "but once its gone from your diet, you don't care about it anymore."

So there you have it. Apparently all it took for PewDiePie to get into his best shape ever was to quit drinking and to start monitoring his diet. It also seems as though the workouts themselves are mostly done to maintain the work he's done already. We can add this transformation to PewDiePie's impressive list of accomplishments.

It's a big change for the streamer, who took some time off at the end of last year and seems all the better for it. We will likely learn more about his routine in the future, considering his comments about possibly making a video about his transformation. In the meantime, fans can only sit back and marvel at Pewds' progress.