These Are The Best Artifacts In Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons, the new dungeon-crawling adventure title set in Mojang's familiar blocky world, features some classic role-playing game elements along with the requisite bad guys and fantasy-style action. In Minecraft Dungeons, you use Artifacts, which are much like traditional spells or character abilities you may be used to in other games.


You're allowed to equip three Artifacts at one time, which means you've got to be extra-selective when it comes to choosing which ones you'll bring with you. Of course, you can swap them in and out whenever you want — and you'll soon discover which ones you love, which ones are most useful for each situation, and which ones you can probably do without most of the time.

You'll find Artifacts as loot everywhere: enemies drop them, chests house them, and levels may reward you with one after you complete a section of the game. Some are rare, some aren't. If you play the game on a higher difficulty level you'll get a better variety. It's important to note that once you use an Artifact, it has a cooldown period during which you can't access its power, so use these wisely. You can also combine Artifacts and use them in tandem with your character's enchantments to pull off some impressive combos.


Which Minecraft Dungeon Artifacts are the best? Here's what players have uncovered so far.

Death Cap Mushroom

This one might be your favorite as a beginning player: it's fungus that metes out damage! What more do you need from a dungeon-dwelling adventure? The Death Cap Mushroom increases your attack and movement speed for 9 seconds and has a 30-second cooldown period. Not too shabby. There's very little downside to this Artifact, since it gives you mobility and power for a decent duration without much cost. 


You're guaranteed to find the Death Cap Mushroom as part of the loot pool in the Creeper Woods level, so head there to pick one up. It might not drop during your first run, but perseverance will win the day.

As evidenced by this quick encounter with the Arch-Illager, the Death Cap Mushroom will help you take down enemies or bosses that have more health than you. It's a good advantage to have if you're working on leveling up, as well as in the late game. According to Gameranx's Kevin Thielenhaus, the Death Cap Mushroom is one of the best buff Artifacts to equip for solo players, as movement speed and agility play a much more important role for this approach.

Flaming Quiver

Once you enable the Flaming Quiver, you get burning arrows. These arrows dish out ranged damage per second based on the Artifact level, but afterward you'll need to give the Flaming Quiver 30 seconds of cooldown time before you can use it again.


As with the Death Cap Mushroom, this one is helpful when you're trying to level up because it'll give you a one up on more powerful enemies. As a projectile weapon, the Artifact lets you attack from a distance while unleashing plenty of fiery destruction that will clear out packs of baddies.

Awall Digital noted the Flaming Quiver as a key component of its highly effective Fire Ranger build. Per Landin of echoed this sentiment, highlighting the Flaming Quiver in his damage-focused Firefox outfit. If you're looking for a useful combo, try pairing the Flaming Quiver with the Elite Power Bow to really chew through enemies.


The Harvester Artifact's description alone is enough to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies: "The Harvester siphons the souls of the dead, before releasing them into a cluster hex of power." As the wording suggests, you're going to need a collection of Souls, and that means you'll want to find items that let you nab Souls as fast as possible.


Your efforts will be worth it, as the Harvester can clear out mobs of enemies with a giant explosion followed by a kickback. If you get overwhelmed, this is your best bet. The Harvester deals up to 134 Artifact damage and gets +1 Soul Gathering, but only requires a one-second cooldown. Impressed yet? It's no wonder Redditors are already pinpointing the Harvester as part of their favorite and most effective builds.

This Artifact drops in the Soggy Swamp and Redstone Mines. You'll want to locate one as soon as you can —this is an item you're definitely going to want on hand when you're fighting a boss. 

Tasty Bone

The Tasty Bone resembles a pixelated turkey leg, likely because it has the ability to call a wolf to your aid with a quick whistle. Activating this Artifact provides scaling summon damage, along with a 30-second cooldown. Thankfully, your summoned wolf companion doesn't die easily. It follows you around and basically gets your enemies for you, but you will have to watch to see if it needs to be re-summoned.


This Artifact is a decent one because it does a good amount of damage. While you can't control the wolf, which can be problematic, your canine companion can actually take the initiative and eliminate the bad guys all by itself. Per Landin highlighted the Tasty Bone as part of his Lumberjack outfit, combining it with the Hunter's Armor to create a crowd-pleasing "chop and chomp" build.

You can find the Tasty Bone in the Creeper Woods and Creepy Crypt areas. Note that, as with all Artifacts, your wolf deals out damage based on its power rating, so its effectiveness depends on the level of the Artifact. The Wonderful Wheat Artifact summons a spitting llama if you prefer a herbivore companion that's just as cool.


Light Feather

The Light Feather doesn't sound very threatening, but this Artifact is pretty useful on its own. Combined with other items, it can really make an impact on your game.

The Light Feather allows you to tumble through the air while pushing multiple enemies away and stunning them. It works well against large groups thanks to a stun duration of 2.7 seconds and a three-second cooldown. Additionally, it's great for taking on bosses like the Redstone Monstrosity and Heart of Ender.


You'll want to use this in combination with other weapons since the stunning effect leaves your enemies vulnerable. Although you may not even need to worry too much, as the quick cooldown period lets you keep them stunned indefinitely if you can get the shot off every three seconds once the cooldown elapses.  Light Feather also allows for nimble backtracking. You can find this Artifact in Arch Haven, Highlock Halls, and Pumpkin Pastures.

Of course, there are plenty more interesting and creative Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons, like the Fireworks Arrow, Boots of Swiftness, Lightning Rod, and the Love Medallion. You don't have to crawl every dungeon to get all the Artifacts, since there's also a wandering trader who stops by and can sell many of them to you. Just remember that more powerful Artifacts will exist at the higher levels. 


While this is a good jumping off point, you'll want to experiment with putting your Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts together and with your other abilities to find the best way to power through the game.