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The Truth About Tfue And Corinna Kopf's Relationship

The relationship between Turner "Tfue" Tenney and fellow streamer Corinna Kopf has been a high-profile one from the start, but after over a year of ups and downs, it appears to be over. Since they apparently broke up again in early 2020 and have been spotted dating others, maybe the split will stick this time.


Tenney and Corinna spent only a few months together publicly before breaking up once in late summer 2019 and later getting back together for the rest of the year. However, their relationship didn't last much longer than that. The COVID-19 pandemic likely didn't help, as the two live on opposite sides of the country from one another — Kopf in L.A., Tfue in Florida — and the distance was apparently a big problem before the coronavirus emerged. 

Whatever their social-distancing routines, fans won't forget this match-made-on-YouTube and all the feels it gave them anytime soon. If you're interested in the timeline of Tfue and Kopf's relationship, read on.

Tfue and Corinna Kopf get together, but the timing is unclear

The news of Tfue and Kopf's couplehood spread after they were spotted together at a party associated with actress Bella Thorne in December 2018, but it took some time for them to come clean with the news. As late as February 2019, Tfue denied the rumors that they were dating. This may have had something to do with Kopf being linked to YouTuber Logan Paul during that time — Logan and Kopf were spotted together at a Lakers game in January and had a public spat regarding comments he made about her a month later. She was also linked to YouTuber KSI around Valentine's Day.


In March, the Tfue and Kopf finally started posting images of themselves together to Instagram and confirmed the news online. In May, they even did a super-cute couples Q and A where Tfue revealed they met when she sent him a DM through Twitter and then he invited her to a post-tournament Fortnite party. They definitely looked like they were a solid couple at that point and stayed pretty public about their relationship, but there turned out to be trouble in paradise.

Tfue and Kopf break up, but it doesn't last

The openness surrounding Kopf and Tfue's relationship meant that when they broke up around July 2019, it happened publicly. On June 30, Kopf announced she was going to take a social media break. That vague message had her fans speculating there were relationship problems afoot. Prior to that, she complained in a June 21 livestream about Tfue breaking their plans and even jokingly broken up with him in a June 27 joint stream, saying he wasn't making the effort to visit her in L.A. 


Those issues turned out to be real. In a Twitter post from July 3, Kopf revealed the two had parted ways. "As some of you may have already figured out, Turner and I have decided to break up," she wrote, calling for privacy and saying she had nothing but love for Tfue. "To suppress any rumors, we have a very loving, healthy relationship, but ultimately the distance and a few other things made our relationship difficult."

Tfue also shared the news his own way, with a Twitter post sporting a broken-heart emoji.

Kopf and Tfue get back together — for a while, anyway

Despite their breakup, Tfue and Kopf were soon playing Fortnite together again. Kopf confessed during her part of a joint stream that she missed Tfue and hoped they would get back together. In August, Kopf posted a Twitch clip in which she said she and Tfue were just friends.


Sometime after that, they were reunited, although details are hazy and their exact relationship status remained confused for some time. Were they keeping it quieter? To be fair, both had quite a bit going — Kopf jumped from Twitch to Facebook Gaming and Tfue was having legal issues with the FaZe Clan.

However, they were broken up again by February 2020. Tfue revealed in a Twitch stream (clip since removed) that, "We're still friends. I just don't want to live in L.A. and she doesn't want to live in Florida. So, she tried to like live with me, but you know. You know like, you can't just move somewhere and you know it be okay — like you're leaving all your friends, you don't have any friends. I mean, I like have friends in L.A., but it's different." He also posted a tweet on January 30, 2020 that read, "Feels weird to be Single."


That was at the start of 2020, and these days it still seems like both Kopf and Tfue might be available. Unless they get back together for the third time, that is.