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Famous People Who Can't Stand FaZe Adapt

Alex Hamilton Pinkevich — better known to his fans as FaZe Adapt – is a member of the increasingly popular FaZe Clan. He got his start making videos on YouTube back in 2011, and was eventually invited to join FaZe and become one of its more prolific content creators. Though his Instagram feed and Twitter account might lead you to believe he's a controversial figure — trust us, he's certainly not immune to making tasteless jokes — he's largely managed to avoid public feuds with other streamers and YouTubers. That's kind of a rarity in the world of internet celebrities.


That doesn't mean FaZe Adapt has a totally spotless record, however.

FaZe Adapt did get into it with a few people who may or may not be famous, depending on how familiar you are with a video sharing network called TikTok. And the things he said in the name of talking some smack — well, they weren't all that great.

FaZe Adapt challenged some TikTok stars to fights

Have you ever heard of Tayler Holder? He's apparently a very big deal over on TikTok, and out of the blue, FaZe Adapt decided he wanted to fight him.

"Honestly, the kid's about 100 pounds," Adapt said. "If I was blind, deaf, and quadriplegic, I would still f–k that kid up."


Rather amazingly, this got a response out of Holder, who has scores more TikTok followers than Adapt does at the moment.

"Damn, I've dropped a lot of people, but never [a] FaZe member," he said, according to Dexerto. "Maybe I can add that one to my books, too."

Okay then.

Adapt also singled out another famous TikTok creator named Bryce Hall, and another still who goes by "Luvanthony." In the section devoted to the latter individual, FaZe Jarvis actually showed up and said he would "delete" Luvanthony. This prompted a response from the TikTok star, who responded, "Jarvis wouldn't last a second."

Aside from this one instance — which seemed more a ploy to get attention than anything else — FaZe Adapt hasn't really been one to stir things up in a public way. Surprising, given everything you might assume about the guy. But that's the story so far.