League Of Legends 2: Will We Ever Get A Sequel?

League of Legends is over a decade old at this point, which might have you feeling a bit ancient yourself. Think about it – League arrived on PC in the heyday of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Those two machines are on their way to being two console generations behind. Yet Riot's multiplayer online battle arena title — or MOBA for short — hasn't faded out in that span of time. In fact, it's become more popular.


With League's age, of course, some have wondered aloud about when Riot might roll out a sequel. Most big games get sequels — that's just the way the world works. Why not League of Legends? The thing about this particular game, though, is that it isn't your typical one-and-done playthrough. Because it's a multiplayer title, you'll never have the exact same experience twice. And because it's a live service experience, Riot can theoretically update it as long as the sun heats this rock we call home and the internet continues to work.

Still, that hasn't stopped other games from introducing sequels, so let's get to the bottom of it. Will there ever be a League of Legends 2? Or can you just forget about it?


It's not happening

League of Legends has only put out one release in all of its many years, and Riot seemingly intends to keep it that way. As Riot's Brent Critchfield told Polygon back in 2014, "I want my great grandchildren playing this game." It's unclear whether or not Critchfield even had children who could have children of their own at the time, but you probably get the point – Riot wants League to be around for decades to come.


This honestly doesn't seem that crazy if you think about it. Lots of people are already playing the game. Why uproot them by trying to coax them over to a sequel? We've seen how tactics like that can go south with titles like The Culling. And really, there's no need for it. Live service games are built to be constantly updated and iterated on. A new release for a free-to-play game serves no purpose, unless you're willing to toss out all of your prior work and all of the progress of all your devoted players.

So to answer the question — no, League of Legends 2 will not be a thing.

Seriously, it's not happening

Riot Games established years ago that it had no plans to introduce a League of Legends follow-up. That didn't stop people from continuing to ask, though. So in 2018, Riot's Greg Street felt compelled to again explain why Riot has no interest in doing a League of Legends 2.


"League of Legends is an ongoing game," Street said. "It's something that we support, it's something that evolves over time. I think the only reason to launch a League of Legends 2 would be some kind of cynical marketing campaign or you're like trying to get players, you know excited about the game again, but it shouldn't require that."

So there you have it. If you're holding out hope for League of Legends 2, you should probably stop now. Riot Games has no interest in making it, and truth be told, no need to make it. The original League is doing just fine.