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Famous People Who Can't Stand FaZe Banks

In the world of esports, few teams are as recognizable as FaZe Clan. The squad, which got its start in Call of Duty, has also conquered games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Fortnite. FaZe Clan has won numerous esports tournaments, so many consider its fame (and mansion) well-earned. But, as with many teams packed with celebrities, controversy loves to poke its head into FaZe Clan's daily life.


One of FaZe Clan's owners, FaZe Banks (real name Richard Bengston), is the heart of the team. Banks has steered FaZe Clan towards victory on numerous occasions, but he has also piloted the team into rough waters as well. Banks has attracted the ire of many celebrities, and more than a few companies happy to air grievances like dirty laundry.

Fame and fortune often go hand in hand with flak and frustration, as FaZe Banks can attest.

Alleged infidelity created a rift between FaZe Banks and Alissa Violet

It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, but FaZe Banks' ex-girlfriend, YouTuber, actress, and model Alissa Violet, questions if he ever loved her to begin with.

For a time, Banks and Violet seemed like the perfect couple. Their relationship started with cameos in each other's vlogs, and it blossomed from there. Come 2017, both YouTubers confirmed they were dating, and all seemed right with the world. Then in 2019, Banks and Violet blindsided many of their fans when they broke up


Audiences were left wondering what happened between the pair. But, in December of 2019, Violet cleared the air with a massive Twitter bomb: She broke up with Banks because she caught him in bed with a stranger.

Banks seemed to try to salvage the situation with a tweet that simply read, "I love you" (even though he didn't address it to Violet), and Violet posted a barrage of accusations that Banks cheated on her multiple times, making it clear she doubts the veracity of Banks' love with extreme prejudice.

Rumors currently swirl that Banks and Violet might be together again, but there is no hard evidence. Until one of them confirms or denies the rumors, nobody should consider them on speaking terms.


FaZe Banks trashed a hotel room, so the hotel trashed FaZe Banks

Many celebrities throw parties. However, some go hog wild and host wild bonanzas. Unfortunately for FaZe Banks, one of his rowdy parties came with a hefty price tag that cost more than just money.

In 2019, TMZ got the scoop that FaZe Banks had destroyed his hotel room in the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas. Police got involved, and reports — as well as a video — showed the destructive aftermath of Banks' party. The total damage was estimated at around $30,000, and hotel owners were absolutely livid. They were ready to charge Banks with malicious destruction of property, which could have landed him in prison for up to five years.


Banks was obviously able to avoid jail time, but apparently he exchanged the prison sentence for an equally hefty lifetime ban from the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas. Between this ban and FaZe Jarvis' lifetime Fortnite ban, FaZe Clan is skating on thin ice with several big-name companies.

FaZe Banks can claim he was in a bar fight, as in he fought with a bar

Bar fights in movies and TV shows are often portrayed in a humorous, almost jovial light, but FaZe Banks was involved in an actual, real-world bar fight. He knows they are no laughing matter, especially once lawyers get involved.


The cause of the original fight started as a melee of "he said, she said" claims. Banks says the bouncers of Cleveland's Barley House demanded that he leave while he waited for Alissa Violet (the event occurred when they were together, during Thanksgiving 2017). The bouncers reportedly put him in strangleholds later while removing him from the bar. And, to add insult (and more injuries) to injury, Banks and Violet claim that an unidentified duo also assaulted them outside the bar.

Barley House managing partner Corey May has a very different recollection of events. According to May, who posted security camera footage of the night online, bouncers only turned aggressive because Banks was in a private area and refused to wait upstairs. May claims the attackers actually were bar patrons who were fed up with Banks and Violet drunkenly shouting obscenities and shoving their phones in peoples' faces.


Barley House filed a lawsuit against Banks and Violet and got a restraining order against them. In retaliation, FaZe fans started a campaign of harassment towards the bar despite Banks stating he didn't condone such actions.

Clearly a lot of bad blood is brewing between FaZe Banks and Barley House.