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Twitter Reacts To The Future Of Gaming Show

Today was the day that Sony unveiled its future slate of PlayStation 5 games with the appropriately titled Future of Gaming livestream event. All in all, it was a huge event for PlayStation fans. Naturally, Twitter has been ablaze with all sorts of reactions to the reveals.


Of course, there were plenty of viewers and commenters who weren't excited by the event at all. Some even felt that the competing Xbox Series X was already leading the charge into the next console generation. However, there was also a heavy response from folks who took issue with the very name of the event. As one person put it, "The future of gaming is on PC!!!! I was a big PlayStation fan my whole life and still am but PC has been ahead by years and always will be."

Others took issue with this mindset, essentially asking why everyone couldn't all just get along. After all, the argument of console vs. PC seems like one that will never die down, but it gets particularly heated whenever a new console generation is approaching. 


For the most part, however, the responses to the event were extremely positive. Most people were just excited to see new entries of their favorite franchises announced. PlayStation fans got their first looks at some of the new titles coming to the PlayStation 5, including Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Resident Evil Village, and Horizon Forbidden West.

Spider-Man fans were extremely pleased right out of the gate, especially with the reveal of Miles Morales as the protagonist of the new game. At least one fan even said that Spider-Man: Miles Morales would be the game to get them to shell out for a PlayStation 5 at launch. They tweeted, "Figured I'd pick up a PS5 sometime after they come out ... but first game in the PS5 showcase is a Miles Morales Spiderman game damn @PlayStation you got me."

Some fans are a little confused about how this game follows up on the first one and whether it serves as a proper sequel or spin-off. As one fan pointed out, the ending of the first game seemed to set up a personal story for Peter Parker in the follow-up. Others are reserving judgement on the new game until we can see more gameplay footage beyond web-slinging (which, admittedly, looks pretty great).


The trailer for Resident Evil Village has been generating quite a bit of buzz for its apparent combination of Resident Evil 4 and 7's aesthetics. Some are blown away by the game's visuals and atmosphere, while others are disappointed in the decision to continue the first-person perspective seen in Resident Evil 4. Longtime fans appear to be over the moon to see the return of recurring series protagonist Chris Redfield.

The first look at Horizon Forbidden West was similarly praised by fans of the first game. Much like with the Miles Morales reveal, at least one fan said this game looked good enough to justify purchasing a PS5. Many folks were just happy to see lead character Aloy back in business. 

Perhaps an even bigger deal than those very exciting games is the fact that gamers also finally got to see what the PlayStation 5 will actually look like. While we had previously gotten a look at the DualSense controller that will come with the system, the actual appearance of the console itself remained a mystery until now. This part of the event proved to be somewhat more divisive than the hype surrounding the new games. 

People were extra mixed on their overall impressions regarding the event and the console reveal. Some fans have compared the design of the new console to that of a router. One person said it reminded them of the architecture of a Las Vegas hotel. 


At least a few people have said that even the people who are excited about the PlayStation 5 will change their tune when the price point for the console is revealed. This is very possible, considering we have heard rumblings that it may cost somewhere around $500 when it drops. However, the reveal of a disc-less version of the console gives hope to folks who are looking for a less expensive model.

Ari Hanson of Game Grumps fame seemed particularly pleased with the look of the console, but in a humorous way. He tweeted, "The PS5 is hideous and that is why I love it."

So yes, the responses to "The Future of Gaming" were a little all over the place, but most fans seem to be on board for everything PlayStation is teasing. At least one thing is for certain: Sony pulled out all the stops for this event. Now all we need is a price point, right?