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Tfue Slams Ninja Battles Tournament Payout

It's no big secret that Ninja and Tfue aren't exactly best friends. In fact, you might get the sense that the two don't really like each other at all. Tfue spends a whole lot of time bashing Fortnite, which really seems to get under Ninja's skin. Tfue and Ninja go back and forth at each other on Twitter quite a bit. Tfue even claims that Ninja tried to get him kicked off of Twitch at one point.


Last week during a Fortnite stream, Tfue again took an opportunity to go after Ninja. This time, however, he insulted the Mixer star's Ninja Battles Tournament, a weekly contest with a prize pool of $80,000.

The topic of the prize money came up when Tfue brought up a $100,000 Warzone tournament he was planning to play in. Another person in his chat party brought up Ninja's tournament, and Tfue expressed some surprise at the competition's payout.

"Really, it's only eighty-thousand?" Tfue said. "Damn. That's crazy that it's only eighty."

After that, things quickly descended into frat territory. By that, we mean there were so many "bros" thrown around you'd think you were standing directly next to a keg. And the topic, of course, turned to fisticuffs.


"I think he just needs to fight you, bro," said one of Tfue's chat buddies.

"He does, I know," Tfue responded. "He needs to fight me so he can put up more cash for his event."

If you're wondering where all of this fighting nonsense came from, you'll need to rewind back to February of this year. Back then, Ninja's Twitter account got hacked, and whoever took possession of it used their very temporary access to challenge Tfue to a fight.

Tfue, sensing an opportunity, responded with a video in which he both accepted that challenge and talked a whole lot of smack about Ninja while doing so. And this planted in everyone's minds the possibility of a Ninja vs. Tfue fight similar to the one between KSI and Logan Paul. The only difference, we imagine, is that fans might go into Ninja vs. Tfue rooting for one person or the other to win — not for the two to somehow knock each other out simultaneously.

At any rate, Ninja declined the invitation to go one-on-one with Tfue, and wasn't all that thrilled about the latter using a moment of weakness for Ninja — the hacking of his Twitter account — to get some attention. Ninja did state, though, that he didn't have any beef with Tfue. This seemingly led to a cooling off of said beef, so to speak. Now Tfue looks to be turning up the heat on it yet again.


For what it's worth, it doesn't appear that Ninja is taking the bait right now. A glance at his Twitter account shows no mention of Tfue's comments whatsoever, nor have we found a clip of the streamer talking about it while broadcasting. So it seems Ninja is content to just let the episode fade away. And Tfue doesn't appear to have brought up the streamer dream bout since, either. No one has reported on any new clips of him talking about a potential fight with Ninja, and his Twitter account — save for some links to his broadcasts — is mostly barren.

And we haven't seen anything with regard to Ninja potentially upping the prize pool for Ninja Battles Tournament, despite Tfue's shade. It seems likely, though, that Tfue — who'd just mentioned playing in a $100,000 tournament — was just looking for a way to take a shot at Ninja. The Battles Tournament is a weekly event, after all, so an $80,000 pool doesn't seem all that small in the grand scheme.

Still, it's hard to imagine this little feud is far from settled. Many believed things had calmed down after the February Twitter hacking incident, but then Tfue tried to stir things up again. What you probably won't see, however, is a fight. As much as the gaming world would love to see two skilled Fortnite players go toe to toe in the ring, there are brand considerations at play. Ninja, especially, probably doesn't want to harm his mainstream image by resorting to a real-life fight to settle a score. That makes sense.


But stranger things have happened. So if we do indeed get a streamer throwdown to rival all streamer throwdowns, we'll let you know when it's happening and how you can watch. Until then, we'll keep an eye out for any other exchanges between Ninja and Tfue. Stay tuned.