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The Truth About Ninja And Tfue's Rivalry

Two of the biggest names in streaming also so happen to have one of the biggest beefs on the internet. Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Turner "Tfue" Tenney apparently hate each other. It's kind of strange, considering how much they have in common. Both streamers are skilled in the art of the battle royale, and are well known for racking up kills in games like Fortnite. Both have made a lucrative career off their personalities and gaming chops, and have also been at the center of their respective controversies.


One of these controversies is their apparent rivalry. Despite their similarities, the two have traded passive aggressive tweets again and again over the years. And people have noticed. For Tfue, this conflict has come to a head. He believes their feud will soon come to blows.

Will Ninja and Tfue hash out their fight in the ring? Here's the truth about Ninja and Tfue's rivalry.

The Fortnite defender

Tfue and Ninja's streaming careers started off on similar footing: they played battle royale games like H1Z1 and PUBG before moving on to one of the most popular games of the decade: Fortnite. Aside from the fact both have mastered the game, that's where the similarities end. Ninja has permanently associated his name with Fortnite, going on to get his very own skin in the game. Tfue, on the other hand, isn't Fortnite's biggest fan.


Despite being a pro player who signed with FaZe Clan, Tfue constantly has something negative to say about Epic Games' biggest hit. "Fortnite kinda f***ing sucks now tf happened?" he tweeted in late 2019. Ninja came to the game's defense immediately, saying, "I actually have been enjoying the game recently after the Gotham City update. If you don't enjoy the game, stop playing and roasting it all the time."

Tfue's most played game on his stream and his YouTube channel is Fortnite. Fortnite videos get all the views, so even if he resents the game, he does not seem to want to abandon it and the thousands of fans who watch him for his Fortnite content. Whenever Tfue has a complaint about Fortnite, Ninja hits back with words of praise.


Do Ninja and Tfue hate each other?

Ninja is well known for his love of Fortnite, so it's no wonder he stands up for the game when people like Tfue complain. But Tfue says this beef goes deeper than liking or disliking Fortnite. "You guys know, for years and years, me and Ninja have been rivals," he said in a video on his channel. "Competing versus each other in H1Z1, to PUBG, to Fortnite. And ever since I started blowing up in social media, blowing up on Twitch, whatever it may be, he's been trying to tear me down, he's been talking s*** behind my back."


Has Ninja been tearing him down? Does Ninja really hate him? While there aren't really any salty tweets from Ninja to prove this, Tfue claims Ninja went as far as to try to get Tfue permanently banned from Twitch. Yikes. That said, he doesn't provide any proof and says that he just let it slide at the time. 

In response to the video, Ninja explicitly said he doesn't hate Tfue, but, "I also don't appreciate you using my twitter being hacked as a publicity stunt. It was a breach in privacy which nobody [deserves] to deal with, [you're] making it worse for me and helping him."

The beef is there, clearly, but is it enough to come to blows?

No, they're not going to have an MMA fight

It's become a trend to settle internet issues with some good old fashioned fisticuffs. Taking after YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI, Tfue challenged Ninja to an MMA match. He likely got the idea from the hacker who had temporarily gained access to Ninja's Twitter. This hacker, among other things, asked Tfue for a fight and Tfue was happy to oblige.


"I know he doesn't like me," Tfue said in the video. "And I know that he's been trying to tear me down forever, and I'm giving him the opportunity now to tear me down in the ring. I don't care, UFC, MMA, whatever. The KSI-Logan Paul s*** went down, it went well, like, why don't we do it? Like, let's run it, I'm not scared. If anything, he's scared."

Tfue continued, saying that he just wanted to end this and have Ninja never talk about him again. Ninja responded on Twitter, saying he didn't want to fight, he didn't hate Tfue, and that he didn't want his fellow streamer to fail. This is where the Ninja/Tfue beef has stagnated ... for now. It's entirely likely that yet more drama will rear its ugly head. Where there's social media, there's often passive-aggressive comments. But no, Tfue and Ninja don't appear to be planning a knock-down, drag-out, winner take all fight anytime soon.