Here's How To Find All The Training Manuals In The Last Of Us Part 2

The sequel to The Last of Us is out and it's making waves for its beautiful graphics and intense story. The Last of Us Part 2 is a bit longer than the previous game, and, as with the first one, training manuals are the key to upgrading the protagonist's abilities. These scavenged items unlock your capabilities so you can obtain the actual skills once you find supplements. So, these objects are rather important for you to find, but some require a bit more effort than others.


Here's a list of the ideal spots to pickup each training manual in The Last of Us Part 2. Note that if you do miss one, you might be able to find it elsewhere later on, so your experience may not match this guide exactly. Also, if you insist on reading this list all at once before you play through, you might encounter some information you don't want to know just yet. Warning: Spoilers!

Training Manuals - Ellie

Crafting Training Manual — Downtown Seattle, Day 1

For the first manual, Ellie has to enter the Courthouse in Seattle. You will find the manual on a bookshelf next to some blue file cabinets. Once you get it, it'll unlock the Crafting skill tree. If you pre-ordered the game, you may already have this one.


Stealth Training Manual — Seattle, Day 1: Capitol Hill

While you're exploring Capitol Hill, you'll see the gas station and the bookstore opposite. Sneak past some infected and find the book near a typewriter in a side room.

Precision Training Manual — Seattle, Day 2: Hillcrest

The third training manual is located inside the Golden Liquor Store after you leave the theater in Seattle. You'll have to go to the basement and fight off some Shamblers (or otherwise get around them), but you'll crawl through a hole to the store next door. Find the manual next to a corpse by the counter.

Explosives Training Manual — Seattle, Day 2: The Seraphites

You'll leave the Seattle theater for the second time and get to Route 5, where you eventually encounter a locked metal gate. There's a WLF safehouse located in an apartment building across the street. The manual that'll unlock your chemistry skillset is located on a bed on the second floor.


Training Manuals - Abby

Covert Ops Training Manual — Seattle, Day 1: On Foot

Basically, you're going to see a boat suspended from the ceiling once you get through the hardware store. Once you enter the boat, you'll encounter your fifth training manual on a table in the cabin. Score!


Close Quarters Training Manual — Seattle, Day 1: Hostile Territory

By now, you're in Chapter 28. You're going to see some storefronts together, including Tang Fabrics & Imports. To the left of that sign, climb into a broken window to find a training manual on the kitchen table.

Firearms Training Manual — Seattle, Day 1: The Forest

You'll experience a boss fight, after which you should enter the auto shop. Look for the cabinet near a broken window and you'll find the Firearms Training Manual right on top.

Ordnance Training Manual — Seattle, Day 1: The Coast

In Chapter 31, you encounter a ship. Enter it, pick up a crossbow, and go to the end of the entrance corridor to find an artifact with a combination on it. You'll need that when you go up to the front of the ship, where the safe is next to the steering wheel. Once you've dispatched the Runner, use the combination and grab your final training manual.