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Can You Lay The PS5 Horizontally On Its Side?

When Sony first revealed details about the PlayStation 5 during its Future of Gaming event on June 11, it showed off a vertical, two-toned console system with a sleek and minimal design. Even the version with a disc drive has that futuristic appeal, even though it looks slightly more awkward than the Digital Edition thanks to an obvious bump along the side. However, it soon became clear that the system was bigger than previous PlayStation systems, even the PlayStation 3. In fact, the upcoming console has been estimated to have a 15- to 16-inch height, which is more than two inches taller than any console in modern history.


Since the initial images showed the PlayStation 5 standing tall, it soon occurred to gamers that they might have a hard time fitting it into their entertainment centers. Many such pieces of furniture don't have shelves that can fit such a system. Additionally, some past consoles haven't worked so well horizontally or vertically (even if they were supposed to). And some are designed only to work one way. So, it's no surprise that there's some confusion over whether the PlayStation 5 can be placed on its side.

The PlayStation 5 is multi-directional

Sony released more images of the PlayStation 5 that cleared up the confusion in a way that satisfied fans. These images show the system on its side, so it seems like gamers will be able to use it in both directions — which is a relief to many.


It's an open question as to whether it looks as cool lying down as it does when it's standing up. Its symmetry is ruined by putting it on its side because one side is clearly more tapered than the other. However, if players spring for the version with the disc drive, that's not an issue anyway because the symmetry has already been lost. At least players won't have to worry about where to put the thing and whether it'll obscure their view of the television.

Now, if only Sony were so quick to reveal how much this system is going to cost once it comes out during the holiday season. Looks like you'll still have some waiting to do when it comes to unanswered questions about the PlayStation 5.