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You Should Never Use The MG34 In Warzone. Here's Why.

You could probably raid Fort Knox with the weapons on offer in Call of Duty: Warzone. You've got light machine guns that mulch through armor and ammo, pistols that can double as pocket shotguns, and other weapons, some of which you might not be using properly. But, not every gun is as viable as others. The MG34 is one such weapon.


At first glance, you might assume the MG34 is a great weapon due to its kill time. Well, just like boxing matches aren't solely determined by the strength of a punch, there's more to weapon viability than the amount of time needed to hold down the trigger before your opponent stops moving. Even though the MG34 was recently buffed via a patch, it still lags behind many other weapons and shouldn't be used by anyone except the most skilled of Warzone players. Here's why.

The MG34 is strong but dangerously slow

Since the MG34 is a light machine gun, each bullet is designed to pack as much punch as possible. Of course, every benefit must be balanced with a crippling problem, and for the MG34, it trades power for speed. No, not its fire rate — in that regard the MG34 is faster than The Flash hopped up on 800 mg of coffee. No, the MG34 slows its users down considerably.


Even when modded, you can't run or swap weapons at top speed. To make matters worse, the MG34 has a fire delay, so even though its fire rate is up there with some of Warzone's better weapons, it takes a portion of a second for the muzzle to start cooking.

However, the MG34's biggest issue is the reload speed. Once you run out of bullets, you have to sit through a lengthy animation that has all the urgency of an ASMR YouTube video. The reload animation is so comically long that it seems purposefully designed to chastise you for expending your ammo drum.

In a fast-paced title like Warzone, the longer it takes to run from point A to B or to reload a weapon, the lower your odds of winning a match.

Accuracy isn't the MG34's friend

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is the source of gun recoil, and the more powerful the gun, the worse the recoil. Since the MG34 can unleash a hailstorm of bullets that can mow down an army in seconds, it understandably features some horrendous recoil.


As with most video game weapons, recoil gets worse the more bullets are fired in one, uninterrupted stream. As the MG34 can shoot bullets at high speeds, aiming can jump all over the place, which makes it difficult to use. After all, part of the MG34's killing power comes from its rate of fire. If the best way to defeat enemies is to hold down the trigger for long periods of time, and the weapon becomes wildly inaccurate when you do that, what's the point of the gun?

Granted, some weapon mods can mitigate the MG34's recoil, but they come at the cost of fixing the weapon's abysmal mobility speed. So, what to do? Use mods that give the weapon the accuracy and killing power of a laser? Turn the MG34 into a slightly zippier killing machine with next to no accuracy? You can't have both.