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Rod Breslau Breaks His Silence On Dr Disrespect Interviews

It feels like it has been months since Dr Disrespect was mysteriously banned from Twitch. In reality, it has actually been less than a month. One of the reasons why it feels like it has been so long is the fact that everyone involved in the ban has remained totally silent. However, there's one person who has been somewhat more outspoken regarding the Doc's ban: esports journalist and video game industry insider Rod "Slasher" Breslau.


Breslau was one of the first sources to confirm that the Doc had been issued a permanent ban, rather than simply a suspension. In the weeks since then, Breslau has apparently spoken to several people who are close to the situation. Now, that the Doc is finally giving interviews again, Breslau has weighed in on the Doc's statements and how they seem to be just a little bit off.

On Twitter, Breslau shared a few screenshots of an interview Dr Disrespect gave to PC Gamer. In particular, Breslau showcased two quotes from the Doc that were almost identical in their wording. It's a very strange thing to have pointed out, but as one follower noted, more than one of the Doc's responses in the interview made specific mention of his fanbase. Furthermore, both interview screenshots posted by Breslau feature the Doc acknowledging conspiracy theories surrounding his ban and the fact that he refuses to engage with them.


Breslau tweeted, "of all the DrDisrespect interviews the PC Gamer one is pretty solid." Other than that, Breslau kind of let the odd mirrored nature of the quotes speak for themselves.

Breslau's comments and the fact that he paired the quotes together have led some people to speculate that the Doc is being coached by his publicist on how best to respond at this time. As one of Breslau's followers quipped, "That answer has Crisis PR consultant written all over it."

In fact, the Doc did have his publicist with him during the PC Gamer interview. At one point during the chat, the publicist actually stepped in to interrupt one of the Doc's answers. 

After being asked if he thought his ban was related to the infamous stream where he presented coronavirus conspiracy theories to his audience, the Doc began to answer. However, his publicist cut things off by saying, "We're getting really close to dangerous territory here. So, you know, Doc, we don't know why Twitch banned him, and there is no formal warnings or reprimand on record. That's all legal is going to let him say."

So what exactly does this all amount to? As with many a developing drama story before it, the real issue here is that everyone has their own side and it's hard to figure out what's going on without an official investigation of some kind. Twitch has continued to remain silent regarding the whole situation. It's the company's policy not to discuss any specifics pertaining to bans, no matter how big that person may be within the community.


While the Doc is clearly being advised not to say anything more than absolutely necessary, that doesn't mean that he hasn't said anything about the situation. He did lay low for a while, but has finally been giving interviews this week, including the one that Breslau quoted in his tweets. 

Not only is the Doc back in the gaming press, but he actually finally posted his first video since his ban just this week. Unfortunately for confused fans, this video didn't exactly clear anything up. In a video shared to the Doc's Twitter account yesterday, the Doc can be seen standing in a rain-soaked alleyway. Music plays as the camera zooms in closer and closer on the Doc's silhouette. Finally, the camera cuts to black. Oooookay.

Not only does the video not have any information in it, but it was also posted without a caption or any kind of context provided by the Doc. All it seems to suggest is that he wants his fans to know he's still out there and figuring things out. 

It's unclear when the Doc will make his return to streaming, but as he explained to PC Gamer, he is exploring his options. In an email he sent to the publication following his interview, Dr Disrespect said he has considered streaming from his own personal website. He claims he has also thought about making deals with YouTube and Facebook.


This may also come as news to Rod Breslau, who has recently intimated that things are much worse for the Doc than we know. During a recent stream with Hasan Piker, Breslau said, "No one is talking to Dr Disrespect ... YouTube is not talking to Dr Disrespect."