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PewDiePie Breaks His Silence On Joe Rogan's Comments

Earlier this week, comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan had gaming fans and streamers up in arms after a clip of him discussing video games went viral. During an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan told his guest that that video games were "a real problem" and a waste of time. Since then, several streamers and pro gamers have responded to Rogan's comments, including the latest response from none other than PewDiePie.


In a video posted to his YouTube channel, PewDiePie again revived his Pew News segment to discuss the backlash against Joe Rogan. At the top of the video, PewDiePie kind of made it clear that he thinks everyone is blowing this whole "controversy" out of proportion. As he read headline after headline about Joe Rogan's video game comments and the responses that have come from pro gamers, Pewds reacted in an over the top fashion. He yelled out in fake shock and surprise multiple times, clearly enjoying playing up how silly this whole thing is to him.

As PewDiePie watched the clip of Rogan that has now gone viral, he was clearly amused by some of Rogan's points. In particular, he took issue with Rogan's insistence on comparing a career in gaming with pursuing a martial art like jiujitsu. PewDiePie also seemed amused by the idea that someone could master jiujitsu in just three years. In fact, any mention of jiujitsu was something that made Pewds laugh multiple times throughout this video.


However, PewDiePie also had some genuine things to say on the matter once he really dove into it. PewDiePie pointed out that so much of Rogan's rant had to do with the idea that if someone focused on a trade or a martial art, they could make a good living by opening a school or charging their students for lessons. As Pewds mentioned, some streamers literally charge their individual subscribers, so that line of thinking doesn't really separate the two things entirely.

"I could be making jiujitsu money this whole time, and nobody told me there was jiujitsu money laying around everywhere?' PewDiePie joked.

While he clowned on Rogan for the jiujitsu comparison, PewDiePie agreed that it made certain amount of sense. "I mean, I get what he's saying, though," said PewDiePie. "At least with jiujitsu, you're building your body, you're building your muscles. You're learning a skill that you're gonna have for life, instead of a video game that comes out ... even if you get good at one, there's always gonna be a new one."

However, he felt that you didn't necessarily have to master a subject or sport to make a comfortable living doing that thing. To illustrate this point, PewDiePie's response also included a few jokes at his own expense.


"You wouldnt even have to be good at gaming to make a living," said PewDiePie. He then pointed at himself and said, "Obviously, right?"

PewDiePie also pointed out that a career in the video game industry isn't just restricted to gaming. As PewDiePie explains, you can also do YouTube videos or write articles related to the subject of gaming, along with esports. It's a much wider spectrum than Joe Rogan gives it credit for in the clip in question.

PewDiePie even criticized some of the responses to Rogan's original clip. After attempting to watch Ninja's response, Pewds took the streamer to task for rambling on a bit too much. It seems PewDiePie just wished Ninja had come right out and said what he felt about Rogan and his comments.

At the end of the day, however, it seems like PewDiePie doesn't really consider Joe Rogan's statements to be all that harmful. Pewds also made it clear that he's not going to join others in being quite so upset by Rogan's comments.

"Even though I kind of memed it already, I feel like it would be so easy for me to come at Joe Rogan's statement and be like, 'Yeah Joe, you f—king idiot. I make money playing video games,'" joked PewDiePie. He concluded, "He really just sounds like a boomer ... It's just such a generational gap that's always existed."


PewDiePie even took a moment to wonder if people reacted the same way to novels at some point in history. He made a few jokes about the idea of someone being angry about people reading fiction instead of being in "the real world."

In other words, it seems as though PewDiePie has chalked this whole debacle with Joe Rogan up to Rogan simply not understanding the culture of video games. PewDiePie is no stranger to feuds, but it seems like he doesn't consider this to be a fight worth getting into.