PewDiePie's Newest Leak Has Everyone Talking

PewDiePie is currently trending on Twitter, and it's for the most bizarre reason. Somehow, fans and detractors alike have found PewDiePie's personal Spotify account and have been sharing screenshots of the artists he apparently listens to most. The artists listed range from pop music to rap to even hardcore bands, which has surprised many fans.


Like pretty much anything involving PewDiePie, the responses online have been wildly mixed. The user who seemingly originally shared the screenshots of PewDiePie's Spotify account expressed frustration that so many of their favorite artists were being shared by PewDiePie. This was echoed by another commenter who tweeted, "I really don't like PewDiePie's content or him as a person but his Spotify looks basically indistinguishable from mine."

Some people have praised PewDiePie for the wide variety of music genres and artists seen in the screenshots. One fan even claimed that they reactivated their Twitter account just so they could check out the list of artists that PewDiePie is into. 

Many fans are simply baffled by all of the negative attention being received by this leak. One fan tweeted, "Let him listen to what he wants to listen. I hate Twitter."


On the less positive side of things, some have called into question why PewDiePie would listen to some of the artists in his playlists. A lot of the negativity associated with the topic of PewDiePie's Spotify playlist seems to stem from people who still feel burned by PewDiePie's past actions. PewDiePie is no stranger to controversy. The YouTuber has found himself engaged in feuds with several other content creators in the past. He's also had plenty of other shady moments that he seems to want to move away from. In recent months, PewDiePie has explained to his viewers that he has been working on avoiding controversies going forward. However, it seems that this has not been enough for many people. 

One Twitter user attempted to break down the disconnect between Pewds' music taste and how some of those artists view PewDiePie himself. This person explained they felt Pewds' taste in music is to be applauded, but the issue is that an artist who makes this kind of music generally "just doesn't f—k [with PewDiePie] for his past and basically doesn't want him to listen to their music."

This actually does seem to be the case. In fact, a few artists, including DJ Gupi, have tried to publicly distance themselves from PewDiePie since his playlists went public. DJ Gupi went so far as to ask PewDiePie to not listen to his music.


Others are frustrated by the very idea that this is what people are choosing to get bent out of shape over. One Twitter user pointed out that it seemed like such a trivial thing for people to be upset about. They concluded by calling the vast majority of Twitter users "low-iq individuals who know absolutely nothing."

On a lighter note, one fan has suggested a funnier possibility: that PewDiePie and his wife Marzia might share a Spotify account. It could be that she's the one listening to all of the pop music and people are strongly reacting to this for literally no reason.

This isn't the first time that some info of PewDiePie's leaked out and led to a bit of frustration for either him or his fans. In a pretty embarrassing instance of a streamer leaking personal info, PewDiePie accidentally showed his email address to everyone watching him playing Call of Duty: Warzone.

A more recent example occurred just last month when PewDiePie streamed a playthrough of Ghost of Tsushima on his YouTube channel and accidentally revealed his PSN tag on screen. Within moments, PewDiePie's PlayStation inbox was flooded with messages from people either saying hello or making ridiculous jokes about the game or Pewds himself. This actually frustrated PewDiePie to the point where he yelled at the people messaging him to stop, saying, "I hate you all so much. You ruin all fun, I hope you get banned."


Shortly after this incident, PewDiePie uploaded a video to his YouTube channel in which he apologized to his fans for snapping at them. His fans appreciated the response and it seems like that all blew over. 

However, the uproar surrounding this leak feels different. People have really gotten up in arms over what PewDiePie listens to in his downtime. Sure, some folks are actually pretty excited to see that Pewds has an eclectic sense of taste, but the overwhelmingly negative reactions may come as a surprise to many.

Following this incident, it really wouldn't be too surprising to see PewDiePie try to keep more of his social media presence private. After all, stuff like this is a big part of why Pewds deleted his Twitter last year.