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Everything You Need To Know About Apex Legends Season 6

Apex Legends' fifth season, Fortune's Favor, began on May 12, introducing a new Legend, battle pass, and a plethora of map changes. Like its predecessor, Season 6 undoubtedly has more in store for players. Developer Respawn Entertainment has teased the new content through a combination of hints and legitimate announcements, and fan speculation has provided additional food for thought.


While Apex Legends Season 6 has yet to be officially announced, you can piece together clues from social media posts, previous events, and even questlines to create a clearer picture of the direction the battle royale will take next. Respawn loves leaving breadcrumbs for players to follow, and the latest trail points towards an August debut, and the potential arrival of a new location and playable characters. Fans of Titanfall 2 especially may have a real treat in store.

Here's what you should know about the sixth season of Apex Legends.

When does Apex Legends Season 6 start?

According to an Aug. 4 tweet, the limited-time mode (LTM) Always Be Closing will make a comeback from Aug. 11-18. In Always Be Closing, the safe area around the map constantly decreases. This forces players into close quarters as the timer runs down, similar to how the storm functions in Fortnite. In the "Evolved" version of the LTM, players will drop onto the map with a Mozambique and EVO shield and must survive from there. 


Always Be Closing first appeared in January 2020 as part of the Grand Soiree Arcade Event. As GameSpot points out, this week-long extension of Season 5 mirrors the transition between Season 4 and Season 5 when the Battle Armor Event took place. Based on that pattern, the sixth season may start on Aug. 18 — seven days after the Season 5 battle pass is set to conclude.

Will Apex Legends Season 6 introduce a new map or Legend?

The official Apex Legends Twitter account released a teaser on Aug. 4 that some players believe points to the unveiling of a new character. The short clip introduces an audio recording that says, "Hey, it's Williams. Man, P., you already done? You ever sleep? Hiatus is coming up soon. I'll swing by this weekend — drinks are on me."


The speaker sounds like Bangalore, aka Anita Williams; however, the intended recipient of the message remains a mystery. "P." isn't the only new face that might enter the Apex Legends fray. The final mission of the "Broken Ghost" questline has players resurrect a Simulacrum that looks a lot like Ash from Titanfall 2. TheGamer speculates Ash will be a playable character in Season 6. Could Titans be on the way?

TheGamer also points out that a section of dialogue between Lifeline and Octane references going to Olympus, a city on Psamathe, the pair's home planet. Since Respawn has dropped hints this way in the past, this could indicate that future action will take place on an Olympus map. There are also a few map-related clues that fans are not quite sure how to analyze yet: worksite construction signs near the Hydro Dam, and the fact that a crane on the World's Edge map has dropped its cargo: a rocket thruster.


Beyond Apex Legends Season 6

In addition to the excitement of Season 6, there's more coming to Apex Legends before the close of 2020. The game, available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, will add cross-platform play later this year, bringing a new dimension to play independent of seasonal content. As reported by DBLTAP, software engineer Jake Smullin confirmed via TikTok in a now-private video that console players and PC players won't automatically be matched together unless the console team has a PC player on it.


Apex Legends will also come to Steam and Switch this fall, and EA wants to soft launch the title on mobile by year's end. Fans of Respawn's battle royale have plenty to look forward to, including the ability to play the game with whomever they wish on their platform of choice.