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The Most Definitive Proof Xbox Series S Exists

As the release of the Xbox Series X draws closer, the plot continues to thicken. A recent post on Twitter seems to have confirmed the existence of a second console, the long-rumored Xbox Series S.

Twitter user Zak S recently posted a series of pictures and even a video of a white Xbox Series X controller that he "found in the wild," complete in the box. While the controller is not yet available for retail purchase, Zak S claims that he bought it from someone on the auction site OfferUp for a mere $35. Apparently, whoever sold it didn't seem to realize what they had on their hands.


If the controller is legit, there is definitely some knowledge to be gained from it. To start, a picture of the manual confirms these new controllers will still use AA batteries. This is disappointing but not entirely surprising, as the black versions of the pads also run on non-integrated batteries.

More exciting, however, is some of the wording on the controller's manual. Under the section that tells customers what consoles the controller is compatible with, it lists both the Xbox Series X ... and the Series S. This seems to be the first real confirmation that the Xbox Series S exists. And as you may know, some people believe "Series S" to be the official name of the rumored all-digital Xbox Lockhart console.


According to the same manual page, it appears that gamers will be able to use the controller with their Xbox One, as well. According to Zak S, he loved the size and feel of the controller, which he called "amazing."

Zak S posted a few images of the controller he bought side by side with an Xbox One controller, which is where the design changes really come into focus. The face of Zak S's controller is significantly flatter, setting all of the controller's buttons and d-pad onto more of a plateau than the rounded Xbox One controller. The d-pad has the disc-shaped design we've seen in other photos of the Series X controller, which Microsoft swears will gives gamers "a performance boost" in terms of movement control. The black d-pad really stands out against the white of the controller, offering fans a better idea of how different this d-pad looks from the previous generation.

The controller also sports the new "Share" button, which allows gamers to capture clips and screenshots of their gameplay. Topping it off are the white triggers on the top of the controller. While they match the overall color scheme of the controller, much like the black triggers on the standard black Series X controller that was shown off before, this seems to be a point of contention for some fans. A few people replying to Zak S's post about the controller have expressed that they'd rather the triggers be black, so that they stand out more on the white controller.


When asked how the person who sold him the controller came across it, Zak S hilariously replied, "I only asked how they got it and they said 'I got it from a homie.'"

The Verge's Tom Warren claims to have verified the authenticity of this controller. How this was verified is unclear, but it seems like fans can safely expect to see a controller like this on the market in the near future. The Verge has reached out to Microsoft for a statement regarding this apparent major leak. However, Microsoft seems reluctant to say anything one way or the other. It's possible that an official announcement of the Xbox Series S is imminent, though this incident has likely thrown some surprise marketing plans right out the window.

It's worth noting that the controller posted by Zak S bears a striking resemblance to a white Xbox Series X controller shown in an image recently. This was also an apparent "leak," as the person who posted a picture of it claims to have seen it at the home of a Microsoft employee. This person also claimed that the controller seemed to be paired with a console that resembled the Xbox Series X, but "looked more squarish and the Xbox button looked bigger on it." This led to speculation that the console glimpsed by that leaker was either some kind of Series X dev kit or the mysterious Lockhart console.


In the brief period of time since Zak S posted his pictures of the controller, another one has apparently surfaced in a nearby area. According to Reddit user ronbag, both this controller and the one belonging to Zak S were purchased in Chicago. The controller seen in the Reddit thread looks exactly like the one posted by Zak S, right down to the packaging and the list of compatible consoles. It's not clear what's going on in Chicago that has caused these to pop up so early, but it looks like eagle-eyed Xbox fans may be able to find one on sites like OfferUp.

If these continue to appear in the wild, perhaps it will prompt Xbox to make an official announcement in the near future.