Suicide Squad Game - What We Know So Far

On Aug. 7, Rocksteady Studios confirmed the existence of a project many DC fans had long hoped for: a Suicide Squad game. The news followed months of rumors, spawned primarily by enterprising users on ResetEra who discovered domain names related to a Suicide Squad game registered in June 2020. Rocksteady put the speculation to rest by releasing a tweet featuring a silhouetted image that appears to depict Superman with a target on his head. The target in question reads "Suicide Squad." The accompanying caption promises more information at the Aug. 22 DC FanDome virtual event.


Given Batman: Arkham Knight released in 2015, fans of the Arkham franchise have had plenty of time to wonder what new project Rocksteady had set its sights onArkham Knight, Arkham Asylum, and Arkham City are considered some of the best Batman games, and it seems the developers plan to bring that same quality to Suicide Squad.

Details remain scarce about the Suicide Squad game, but here's what we know so far.

Does Suicide Squad have a release date?

The only official details about Suicide Squad come from an Aug. 7 tweet, which means fans have very little information regarding the game. However, Eurogamer confirmed the ResetEra leak, and it claims Suicide Squad – along with a new WB Montreal-developed Batman game called Gotham Knights – is being developed for next-generation consoles. Gotham Knights appears to be the Court of Owls game WB Montreal has teased for some time now.


Given the known timeline and Eurogamer's speculation, Suicide Squad probably isn't very far into development. It's unlikely to come out before the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X arrive during the Holiday 2020 season. The title is more likely to drop in 2021, or even 2022. Hopefully, the Aug. 22 DC FanDome event will provide more information on this front, including when it's safe for prospective players to get excited.

Does Suicide Squad have a trailer?

Rocksteady has released little media for Suicide Squad, and a trailer has yet to materialize. The image revealed alongside its Aug. 7 tweet reveals little, except that the Suicide Squad may be gunning for the Man of Steel. Some social media commenters believe this means there will be a Suicide Squad versus Justice League standoff.


Others wonder if the image actually shows Bizarro, a "perfectly opposite duplicate of Superman" created by the Joker in the DC comics. Given the purple color scheme of the teaser image, and the fact that the figure's cape and chest logo are obscured, this seems like a strong possibility. Or, maybe, Superman has just turned evil.

While some haven't expressed much enthusiasm for Suicide Squad, others think that a Rocksteady game is sure to be fun regardless of the subject matter. Given how long players have been waiting for another title from the studio, any news feels like good news.

Which platforms will Suicide Squad release on?

Eurogamer asserts that Suicide Squad is in development for next-generation systems, which means the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. There's no information on whether the game will be available for the current generation or other formats. There will probably be a PC version, at least, though a Nintendo Switch port seems unlikely. Rocksteady has yet to release a game for the Switch. In fact, Arkham City, which eventually launched on the Wii U, remains the only offering from the studio to come to a Nintendo system.


Beyond that, there's no information available on other possible platforms, such as whether Suicide Squad will come to Google Stadia. Everyone's just going to have to pin their hopes on the Aug. 22 DC FanDome and hope at least some of their questions are answered at that time.