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Here's How To Open The Stadium's Locked Doors In Call Of Duty: Warzone

On Aug. 5, Call of Duty: Warzone – Season 5 went live, and the update brought a slew of map changes. One of the most notable alterations is the revamped Acropolis National Arena, a.k.a. the Verdansk Stadium. Now players can wander its spacious interior in search of worthwhile loot and vantage points.


As players explore the arena's new rooms, they might come across locked doors. Since Warzone is a loot-based video game, many concluded these doors squirrel away wondrous loot. However, since the title runs on classic video game logic, you can't kick down the doors or blow them open with C4. Plus, you shouldn't spend too much time trying to open the doors, because if rivals with the same goal don't get you, encroaching poisonous gas will. 

Despite the dangers, unlocking one door — or better yet, all three — is worth the effort and will give you a huge advantage in the long run. If you found one of Warzone's new locked stadium doors, here's how to open it.

You need to find a keycard for each door

Each of the stadium's locked doors sits next to a keycard reader, meaning you'll need a keycard to open them. Now, this knowledge might give you red keycard flashbacks. Warzone introduced these random legendary chest loot drops in June, and they were notorious for having very unfriendly spawn rates. Thankfully, you don't need red keycards for the stadium doors; instead, you need the infinitely more common blue keycards.


Before you overturn every desk, chair, and floor tile in the stadium searching for a blue keycard, you should know which doors they will open. Why? Because blue keycards lie on the ground in the open, never too far from their associated doors. These doors are on the second floor of the parking lot, the top of the stadium in the executive lounge, and the ground floor of the stadium in the Concorde Lounge. The exact spawn positions of the keycards are random, but at least you don't have to search for them like a needle in a haystack. If you can't find any cards, though, odds are someone beat you to it.

Computer codes found within the rooms raise more questions

Once — or if — you find a blue keycard, it will appear in your UI next to your health and armor. Moreover, it will tell you which room it opens, so just head to the associated door, interact with the card reader, and you're in. Remember, each card only opens one door, so if you looted a keycard labeled EL – 21, you can only open the executive lounge door.


Once you enter the locked room, you can raid its three legendary chests for really powerful loot. You can also find a computer that will flash eight random numbers and symbols if you interact with it. Currently, the code does nothing, but some Warzone players theorize it is connected to the keypads recently added to the game's bunkers. Or, at the very least, the codes might be employed with the keypads in a future update.

If these theories are true, then players who collect red and blue keycards and survive long enough to open their respective doors will find far more loot and advantages than they will know what to do with.