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The GTA: San Andreas Mystery That Remains Unsolved Today

Despite releasing in 2004, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has managed to hold onto at least one secret. On the outskirts of Bone County, you'll find a large pit in the mesa-filled desert at the base of a rock formation. This pit contains six black body bags that don't give off any heat or blood when you shoot at them. Next to the hole, there's a Bobcat pickup truck that was presumably ditched after transporting the corpses. You can even hop inside it and go for a drive, if you like.


So, what exactly is this all about? The world may never know precisely what the strange open grave portends, but that hasn't stopped players from speculating about it. It might be as simple as developer offering a bit of Mafia-inspired atmosphere to this Grand Theft Auto title. Or this bit of creepy in-game color might have murkier origins designed to tie into other portions of the game and keep everyone guessing. Here's a look at some of the more prominent theories.

Theories about the mysterious body bags

One theory links the corpse-filled pit to the Las Barrancas mass grave mentioned in the game — but the locations don't match, so it could be a mistake, a leftover from a beta version, or a remnant that somehow harks back to the story of Colonel Henry Bolt.


Others hypothesize that a serial killer, grave robber, or the NPC Mr. Trenchcoat is involved. Players have also pointed out that Area 69 is near the grave site. It's possible the bodies are related to the base somehow and could be alien cadavers, deceased soldiers who learned too much, or trespassers.

One interesting theory posits that the corpses were placed by Mary-Beth Maybell, the country music DJ from K-ROSE. Though she is never seen in the game, only heard, she does reveal in her personal pre-song asides that she's had at least six husbands, may drive a truck, and that "all my exes are six feet under the ground." She says she's been "frequently widowed."

Rockstar has never confirmed any of these theories, and it's unlikely it ever will. It looks like this intriguing Easter egg will have to remain an unsolved mystery for now.