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Mysteries That Need To Be Solved In GTA 6

Rockstar has some explaining to do! Over the years, developers at the studio have sprinkled mystery and intrigue into the Grand Theft Auto series, and we're not even talking about the main missions. Players might solve (or cause) some crimes in a typical play through of any GTA game, but they're also just as likely to uncover an unsolved mystery or two. This is because the world of GTA is vast and deep, and because Rockstar is famously tight-lipped when it comes to elaborating on the oddities within its games.


We can only hope that future titles – like the upcoming GTA 6 – will solve some of these mysteries. Here are a few that still have players wondering.

What happened to Tommy Vercetti?

Remember Tommy Vercetti? If you ever played GTA: Vice City, of course you do. He was the protagonist, voiced by none other than Goodfellas alum Ray Liotta. He was memorable personality, and we can't help but wonder what he's up to these days. The end of Vice City saw him sitting pretty with total control over the Forelli criminal empire. Is he still there? Is he still king? 


Over the years, there has been evidence to suggest that Vercetti continued to operate into the 2000's, but we don't really know what's up with Vice City in the modern day. Rumor has it that GTA 6 will take us back to this tropical city of sin, giving us the answer to the question — whatever happened to Tommy Vercetti?

What are black cellphones?

There's a lot of things Rockstar hasn't bothered to explain to players, from the sunken ships off the coast to the alleged goatman on Mount Chiliad. While it would be great to get some clarification on these mysteries, an explanation of what black cellphones are is long overdue. The "black cellphones" refer to a number that players are able to dial in-game. The moment that they do, an explosion goes off overhead. Chaos ensues. 


What's more is that the phone used to dial this number then goes black — hence the name. It is speculated that the number (1-999-367-3767) might numerically translate to 1-999-EMP-DROP. An electromagnetic pulse bomb might explain the explosion. But why do players have access to this? Was it meant to be a part of a mission? If we could be clued in once GTA 6 arrives, we'd sure appreciate it, Rockstar.

Are there really aliens?

While there is overwhelming evidence that suggests we already know the answer, it would be cool if GTA 6 would finally explain whether or not aliens are real. In both the GTA world and in Red Dead Redemption's Wild West, players can find Easter eggs and strange sightings that suggest we're not alone in the universe. There were so many mentions of aliens, alien hieroglyphs, and strange lights over Mount Chiliad that many were certain they'd be a part of the plot for GTA 5


Since that didn't pan out, maybe it's time to address the invaders in GTA 6. There are plenty of ways Rockstar could include sci-fi into the story, even if that just involves notes scattered around to let players know what's real and what's a hoax. When GTA 6 is finally out, we'll be looking for any sign of alien invaders.