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Here's How To Improve Your Looting Speed In Apex Legends

Getting loot as quickly as possible in Apex Legends can get you that split-second advantage over your opponents. That means you want to do whatever you can to find the best weapons and gear immediately. Of course, you're not the only one with this mindset, and you're competing against many others for the same items. So, how can you get the edge and set yourself up for success?


You can shear off valuable seconds when you loot by focusing on multiple strategies at once. One might not be enough for a win, but adding several together can help you become more effective on your own, while simultaneously shaping you into a more valuable member of your team. Find the method that works best for you and go for it this season! Looting faster requires some experimentation, but will net you useful rewards in the end.

Memorize paths and locations

Understanding what's in your inventory and what you're looking for plays a key role in Apex Legends. As YouTuber brutal cleriC points out, you should also memorize the locations of the armor, gear and weapons you want, along with the fastest pathways to get to them. This will take some practice, but you'll build up your muscle memory as you take the same routes over and over again. Many of the buildings are quite similar, so this part isn't too hard. Eventually, you'll gain precious seconds as you learn the paths and can get through the levels more quickly.


If you know what you have and what your ideal loadout is, you can go right to what you need (ammo or healing items, for example) and ignore the rest. But don't forget to grab a placeholder weapon and armor first, so you've got something to help you get where you need to go.

Observe your opponents closely

It's helpful to be aware of what's going on around you, although paying close attention to your opponents to see what they're wearing and using can add an extra layer of difficulty to the game. But, as demonstrated by YouTuber ParsecHD, you can often determine in advance what utilities, armor, and weapons they have on them: It's so nice of Apex Legends to color-code its armor levels, isn't it? Then, once you take the bad guys down, you can get what you need from them faster.


Sometimes, it helps to bring your stronger teammates into the fight so you can focus in on the exact enemy whose loot you want. In that case, don't forget to communicate — a quick ping using Apex Legends' influential and popular communications system is all you need to mark the enemy you're gunning for. You don't have to go it alone during this portion of the game.

Know your loot boxes and supply bins

When it comes to the loot boxes and supply bins you're going to be searching, a little know-how goes a long way. For example, you can easily learn the order the loot shows up in when you open a death box. So, once another player is eliminated, you can go through the box looking just for what you want and save yourself some time. Otherwise, it can be kind of a slog.


You may have noticed there's a bit of a lag between the time when you open a supply bin and when you're allowed to take out the loot. In that case, you should open multiple boxes at one time, then come back to retrieve the best items from inside. After all, every little fraction of a second counts, especially when it comes to being well-equipped for the battle ahead.