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Godfall's Weapon Classes Explained

Godfall seeks to answer the question of what would happen if you took the "shooter" out of the looter-shooter genre and replaced it with "slasher." You can still slaughter enemies and raid their corpses for loot, but instead of relying on SMGs and sniper rifles, you use swords and axes. You don't have to worry about how many shells your shotgun holds until you need to reload, but you do need to consider if your slow, heavy axe is appropriate for dealing with a horde of small, fast imps.


The developers at Counterplay Games have announced five different weapon classes, and the team wants each weapon to feel unique. This extends deeper than the standard "smaller weapons are faster and weaker than heavier weapons" distinction. Here's the lowdown on all the weapon types in Godfall and the different features Counterplay Games has detailed so far.

Dual Blades

As the name suggests, the Dual Blades are a pair of small, light daggers that are designed to quickly rack up damage from a flurry of blows. Godfall's Dual Blades make quick work of enemies with a combo of four light attacks, or players can spin to win with the Dual Blades' heavy attack, the Blade Cyclone.


The Dual Blades come with several signature moves, such as Inner Focus, which lets you temporarily increase your damage output. However, you can't use Inner Focus without building up a charge over time, and then you have to expend your charge to gain the buff.

Dual Blades users can also acquire the Mortal Coil ability, which lets you turn one blade into a rope dart, toss it into an enemy's exposed flesh, and yank them towards you. Whether or not you yell "GET OVER HERE!" while using Mortal Coil is up to you.


What fantasy, weapon-centric RPG would be complete without the Longsword? In Godfall, this weapon is the jack of all trades, or in this case, jack of all blades. The Longsword is designed to be balanced and effective against a variety of enemies. More importantly, each Longsword comes with a four-hit light combo, but you can also attach a heavy Attack Finisher after each combo for some extra punch.


Longswords also feature three signature moves. If you have all your enemies lined up in a neat little row and want to topple them, you can use Spiral Technique. Meanwhile, Spectral Flurry lets you wail on enemies without having to worry about being interrupted and knocked out of your attack. The final signature move is Shield Uppercut, which is a bit of an oddity. Eagle-eyed gamers can activate the ability whenever they see a flash of white light. If done correctly, Shield Uppercut will suckerpunch opponents with 10 pounds of angry steel.


Shield isn't exactly a weapon class. However, players can use their Shield to unleash a variety of abilities, so it is worth discussing. It doesn't matter if you carry a Longsword or the Dual Blades, in Godfall, you can block and parry attacks, as well as reflect projectiles, at any time with your Shield. Unlike traditional Shields, Godfall's Shield is built into the main character's armor, so you don't need a free hand to use it. Plus, the Shield can fold away for easy carrying.


The Shield also sets itself apart from other weapons with a wide range of abilities. You can pretend you're Captain America and throw your Shield to bean ranged enemies, sweep it around in a giant circle to stun foes, and slam it into the ground to create a pulverizing wave of air. Plus, you can defy the laws of reality by using your Shield to teleport around the battlefield with the Spectral Blow ability. Oh, and if you knock down an enemy, you can use the Shield to finish them off. Just press in on the right analogue stick and watch the fireworks.