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How Long Does It Take To Beat Wasteland 3?

The amount of time you spend in a game has a lot to do with your preferred playstyle. Do you like to wring every last drop of excitement out of a title and unearth all its secrets? Or are you in a hurry to finish and move on to the next big thing? If you're familiar with the Wasteland series, you know these open-world sci-fi games are immersive and story-driven — which does not equate to an easy or quick experience.


Like its popular predecessors, Wasteland 3 is a turn-based RPG with a complex story and strategic combat. Developed by inXile Entertainment, Wasteland 3 takes place in the frozen, post-apocalyptic lands of Colorado. The title features a fully-voiced dialogue system for its reactive story, in which the player leads a squad of rangers attempting to rebuild society while defending against weather, warring factions, cultists, gangs, and the children of The Patriarch.

Wasteland 3 releases Aug. 28 for PCs, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Once available, you'll have to set aside a fair amount of hours to reach its conclusion. Here's what you can expect from Wasteland 3 and how long it should take you to get through it.


Wasteland 3 is larger and denser than Wasteland 2

As you might imagine, you can't rush a story of this depth and detail. Players logged an average of 30.5 hours in the original Wasteland and about 39.5 hours to get through the main story in Wasteland 2. Developers said it could take as much as 70 hours to get through the second game, according to Kotaku. So, don't expect to spend less time in Wasteland 3.


Wasteland 3 reportedly includes a lot of optional content. Lead level designer Jeremy Kopman told PCGamesN there were at least 10 major endings to experience. the choices you make throughout the game will determine which ending you receive. Additionally, inXile studio head Brian Fargo divulged to GamingBolt that the world is bigger than Wasteland 2, with a denser narrative. He estimated an average playthrough would take between 50-60 hours.

If you speed through Wasteland 3, you could potentially complete it in 30 or so hours, but don't count on that. If you're a completionist, you might want to set aside even more time for traveling across the man and discovering its every hidden element.