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Small Details You Missed In The Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Trailer

From a fresh Wonder Woman 1984 trailer to a behind-the-scenes look at The Suicide Squad, day one of the August 2020 DC FanDome event had lots to offer DC acolytes. Warner Bros. even provided not one, but two reveals for gamers: Gotham Knights from WB Games Montreal and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League from Rocksteady Studios. Though Gotham Knights appears to be further along in production and will release a year earlier than Suicide Squad, Rocksteady's developers established enough about their own upcoming title to whet the appetites of potential players.

The Official Teaser Trailer served as the main event of the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League panel. It established some of the major features of the upcoming game, including the four playable characters: Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark. However, the trailer also contained several smaller elements that all but the most eagle-eyed viewers may have missed. Whether you're a die-hard DC devotee or just dipping your toes in the water, here's a look at some of the small-yet-significant details from the Suicide Squad trailer, and the broader implications they have for the upcoming game.

Bringing Suicide Squad's "fifth character" to life

It's difficult to miss the massive "METROPOLIS" that fills the screen at just under the 30-second mark in the Suicide Squad Teaser Trailer. DC fans will likely recognize Metropolis as Gotham's sister city and the home of Superman. Much of the minutiae that flashes by in the video exists to breathe life into what creative director Sefton Hill described as the game's "fifth character" — the city itself.

The team at Rocksteady drew on the greater DC universe to create many of the locales that appear in the trailer. Big Belly Burger, a fast food chain featured in multiple comics, the Arrow TV series, and Batman: Arkham Origins makes an appearance. You can also spot a LexCorp sign, the parent company of Big Belly Burger, in the background. Signs for other DC Universe businesses like Sundollar Coffee (DC's version of Starbucks), Blaze Comics, and Carlisle's Bakery also turn up. Additionally, Amanda Waller mentions Park Ridge, one of Metropolis' six boroughs, over the comm system.

While callbacks like these might not seem like a big deal, this attention to detail helps immerse players in a setting. Atmosphere, variety, and visual interest — or the lack thereof — can make or break an open-world game like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.