Things You Need To Do In World Of Warcraft Before Shadowlands

In many MMOs, a new expansion means saying goodbye to what was once considered pinnacle content. New adventures come along to whisk you away, and older activities — like raids, for example — get replaced with something new and even more challenging. That's exactly what will happen when the Shadowlands expansion drops for World of Warcraft in Fall 2020. A brand new story is set to take center stage, and much of what's kept players busy in WoW for some time will take a back seat.


Fortunately for you, Shadowlands isn't out just yet. That means you still have plenty of time to tie up some loose ends and finish up the current content before the expansion renders some of it obsolete. You may be wondering — what should you spend your time on? Here are the things you need to do in World of Warcraft before Shadowlands arrives.

Show love to your alts

Perhaps you've played all there is to play in World of Warcraft, but most of your glory has gone to just one character. That "toon," as they say, is decked out to the max, and there's really nothing you can do that'll benefit that particular character in any meaningful way.


Well then — what about your alts?

If you have some additional characters on your account, there may be no better time to visit Azeroth and get them leveled up. As TechRadar notes, there's currently a 100% XP boost active in World of Warcraft, and it "is active until the Shadowlands pre-patch." Now is the perfect time to garner those other characters some sweet, sweet XP before the new expansion is released. And who knows — maybe you'll find you really enjoy playing a class you haven't been using all that often.

Slay N'Zoth for those sweet achievements

When a new World of Warcraft expansion comes along, it's often accompanied by a new raid. And what happens to the old one? It's no longer the greatest test of your might. It isn't "top tier" anymore. That means any achievements tied to it being the toughest raid in the game are also no longer obtainable. If you didn't take on that particular challenge in prime time, you will have lost the ability to be recognized for it later down the line.


With that said, N'Zoth the Corruptor will be bowing out when Shadowlands comes to play, which means two achievements tied to harder difficulty completions —  Ahead of the Curve: N'Zoth the Corruptor and Cutting Edge: N'Zoth the Corruptor – will also fade out. Ahead of the Curve requires a clear of N'Zoth on Heroic difficulty or higher. Cutting Edge requires a clear on Mythic difficulty. Once the next raid tier comes, you won't be able to complete these anymore. It's recommended you get on them before it's too late.