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This New Fortnite Exploit Is Causing An Uproar

Fortnite continues to be one of the most popular video games in the battle royale genre. It even recently surpassed the $1 billion dollar mark in mobile version sales alone. Players of the game tend to enjoy finding every little secret the game has to offer, including unexpected changes and the occasional exploits. However, there is a new trick that has been found in the game that might actually break the way Fortnite plays for many fans.


The exploit has been described in detail by Redditor OfficialHR, who showed fellow Fortnite fans how to make the trick work. Here's the short version, though: first of all, players need to build a small structure around themselves to act as an inner room. The most important part of this smaller construct is the floor, which needs to be in a pyramid shape. After accomplishing this, a slight edit of the upper left corner of the box will cause the camera to essentially glitch out.

The third-person perspective usually seen in games of Fortnite will basically be thrown out and the camera will squish itself up to the wall of the cabin the player has constructed. This will allow the player to peer between the slats of the wall and continue building along the outside perimeter of the box they're in. This little camera trick essentially fools the game into thinking that the player is standing outside of the structure they've just built. Presumably works because the outside space is what the camera is directly focusing on.


As illustrated by OfficialHR, this exploit is a literal game-changer in every way. One of the key elements of suspense in a round of Fortnite is trying to build any kind of structure while taking fire from other players. Even the quickest of builders have found themselves being taken out by gunfire before completing a structure they can use for cover. This exploit allows players to keep a close eye on the field of play while building more and more protection. 

According to OfficialHR, this trick can be repeated as many times as the player desires. This would presumably allow for a new kind of camping within the game, with players constructing multiple layers to hide inside. With a bit of practice and proper timing, players who master this trick could really change the way that competitive Fortnite is played. 

The reactions to OfficialHR's video have been mixed. Apparently, some people have found easier ways of pulling this trick off, but OfficialHR's trick seems to yield more consistent results. This fact was seemingly confirmed by fan-site FortniteINTELwhich tweeted, "This one is a bit easier than some of the others we've tried." Other players have seemed much more cagey concerning the glitch, with one fan considering the exploit to be overpowered. 


It is worth noting, however, that this isn't the first time that a camera glitch like this has been discovered in Fortnite this year. About six months ago, Reddit lit up with players discovering that tilting the camera ever so slightly could allow for a similar perspective switch. With this glitch, the camera would only change to that first person P.O.V. for a split second. However, this was more than enough time for some skilled players to begin building multi-layered structures. At the time, it seemed like this method would also change the way the game was played going forward, even possibly breaking it. However, it seems like that particular glitch may have been patched by Epic Games, much to the chagrin of the gamers who spent a good amount of time figuring out how to pull it off.

In other words, while this latest glitch might be impressive and could prove to be fun to try out, it's probably not going to be around for long. After all, Season 3 of Fortnite: Chapter 2 is coming to a close any day now. In fact, GamesRadar+ has reported it will most likely launch on August 27. It's highly likely that Epic Games will attempt to make some fixes to bugs like this when the new season launches. Considering the attention this bug has gotten on Reddit, there's pretty much no way that Epic isn't already aware of it. 


There is some good news for fans who will miss this glitch when it is inevitably fixed in an update. The next season of Fortnite is expected to feature a major crossover with the characters of Marvel Comics. In other words, players may end up losing one glitchy ability and gaining plenty of superpowers in the very near future.