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Twitter Reacts To Gamescom Future Games Show

Gamescom's Future Games Show is officially in the books, and you know what that means: it's time to see how the world reacted to everything on display. The Future Games Show leaned quite heavily into indie projects — perhaps more than gamers might have anticipated — and there were quite a few horror games showcased. And though the occasional big-budget title (like Marvel's Avengers) did make an appearance every so often, too, everyone making their voices heard on Twitter seemed more focused on the show as a whole than anything else.


Did you find the Future Games Show to be a non-stop, action-packed thrill ride? You may be in the minority then. As it turns out, not many viewers were fans of the broadcast for various reasons. Their remarks outweighed the positive comments quite significantly, in that the only remarks surfacing seemed to be negative.

Type in the words "Gamescom" and "good," for instance, and you'll get a tweet from @alexathesnail which reads, "[S]how something good cowards." @alexathesnail was apparently not satisfied with the slate of games shown during the Future Games Show. @KingCalamitous also shared some thoughts, tweeting, "Wow. ... Gamescom day 2 was terrible ... The only good thing today was monster hunters dev diary and that was something entirely separate." It seems the Future Games Show didn't resonate with @KingCalamitous, either.


Search with some more negative words, and you'll be instantly buried in a deluge of unhappy tweets from those who viewed the stream.

@lenomcakes tweeted a question out to their followers, asking, "Has gamescom always been this boring. I'm not sure what I was expecting but I thought they'd show more interesting games." @ShakeZula didn't need confirmation from others, posting quite frankly, "GamesCom looks so bad omg."

A few individual games did get some love, at least. You Can Pet The Dog VR found a fan in @nightcrwlrs, who wrote, "[M]aybe I will get VR" in response to the game's reveal. @ChaosSpreads97 had some nice things to say about a game, too, stating, "Gibbous looks interesting."

And a developer found something to be happy about with the broadcast, too. @jimmycanuck — who in real life is Rocketship Park's Jim Squires — tweeted, "I still can't get over Solid Snake and Meryl bantering in front of our trailer. This has been the craziest day of my entire f—–g life." That trailer, by the way, was for a cute-looking game called LOVE. And yes — David Hayter and Debi Mae West served as hosts for the stream. If there was something fans really loved about the show, it was definitely that.


Perhaps the iffy reception to the Future Games Show has a lot to do with the situation the world is currently in. Gamescom couldn't be held in person this year, so the entire event has looked a lot different than it has in the past. Hopefully by this time next year, gamers will once again be welcomed back into Cologne for an in-person look at some upcoming titles. Until then, streams may continue to be the norm — and may continue to be the least preferred way for many gamers to get their news on what's in the pipeline.