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You Can Play Fall Guys In Fortnite (Kind Of)

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout came out at the very beginning of August and has quickly become a phenomenon in the battle royale gaming world. It has even inspired some fans to recreate some of Fall Guys' most popular maps inside of Fortnite. Introducing: Tumble Lads.


"Tumble Lads" is the name of a series of maps built by the group 3D Lab in Fortnite's Creative modeThe group can be seen showing off its creation in a spectacular video uploaded to YouTube. As you can see, the group has made it possible to play through several maps of mayhem inspired by Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

There's already one major advantage to playing these maps vs. playing the similar versions in Fall Guys. One of the most challenging aspects of playing Fall Guys is that the characters control with the same kind of wonky ragdoll physics seen in games like Human Fall Flat. Because of that, even some of the smaller obstacles in Fall Guys end up being very tricky to try to navigate. However, most of the Tumble Lads levels work with the physics engine of Fortnite. While sometimes jumps can feel a little floaty in Fortnite (by design), it would seem that these maps are a little easier to run around in. 


There are notably a few Tumble Lads maps that have apparently had the gravity tweaked just a bit, which makes some of the platforming a bit more challenging. Still, a valiant effort has clearly been made to recreate the magic of some of Fall Guys' most beloved maps. And according to some of the people who have played through these, they were a rousing success.

In a YouTube video by Mustard Plays, fans can see more of these maps in action for themselves. Mustard actually got a chance to play through the Tumble Lads maps with the people who designed originally designed them.

According to Mustard, "This just might be the best Fall Guys map in Fortnite."

As explained in the video, 3D Lab made multiple maps that are chosen at random at the beginning of each round. The first level is called Door Bash, which is clearly based on the Door Dash level from Fall Guys. This includes a mad race through a series of random doors, followed by some quick platforming to cross a ravine. Next is Cloud Climb, which plays like the Slime Climb level in Fall Guys. In Cloud Climb, players will have to make their way up a spiraling tower of platforms with all kinds of hazards. This level has also had the gravity settings adjusted, making for a slightly more difficult path. Bee Hive Yourself is another obstacle course map that has players racing to the end as giant bowling balls and other hazards attempt to slam players off the map. There are a few other levels that look completely insane, like Gobble Hole, which coats the player characters' feet in ice and makes them slip and slide through various loops and platforming sections. There's also Om Noms, which requires players to swim up to giant walls with bug-eyed faces in the side of them. Players then have to hop through the open mouth in the wall to get to the other side. Then there's Tumble Crumble, which has players scrambling to the top of a tower that constantly crumbles beneath their feet.


As explained by PC Gamer's Harry Shepherd, the differences in how Fortnite controls vs. Fall Guys can actually lead to some issues, particularly in the platforming sections. Shepherd points out that many of the maps, particularly Gobble Hole, require precision when hopping between hazards like the many electrified bars. There are times when the jumping mechanics of Fortnite just may not allow for that kind of finesse. Still, Shepherd echoes the sentiments of other reviewers in recommending the maps overall.

Shepherd concludes, "while Fall Guys is still the place to go for ultimate knockout action with various grab-happy Gordon Freemans and bean burgers, Tumble Lads is still a fun distraction if you find yourself in Fortnite's user-generated realm."

There's more good news for fans of both Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Fortnite. While nothing official has been set in stone just yet, the Fall Guys social media team has been hinting that the developers behind the game would love to do some kind of crossover event with Fortnite. This subject came up when fans began submitting artwork of Fall Guys characters wearing classic Fortnite skins. Considering the fact that Fortnite recently launched a crossover with Marvel Comics that is actually considered in-canon with the publisher's other books, it seems like no crossover would be too crazy.