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How And When To Use The Bombs And Ropes In Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 hit PlayStation 4 on Sept. 15 and is proving to be a hit with critics. It manages to build off of everything players liked about the original game and Spelunky HD, while also adding plenty of new features and gameplay mechanics. However, it's going to be pretty hard to get to those exciting new features if you don't have a firm grasp on some of the title's basic tools.


While rescuing pets and working your way down into Spelunky 2's procedurally-generated caves, it is of the utmost importance to know when to use bombs and ropes. Both of these seem like no brainer elements of the game, but they can be somewhat tricky to implement. Since you begin each run with four bombs and four ropes, it's good to figure out early on how you can best put them to use. Stick with these tips to avoid blowing up yourself or a wayward pet.

How to use bombs in Spelunky 2

Just like in the original Spelunky and Spelunky HD, the biggest trick with using bombs is being able to gauge how much time you have before they detonate. The bombs in Spelunky 2 are incredibly useful, as they let you blast through the ground to form a new path or obliterate other obstacles and enemies. However, they are also very touchy. Depending on your button inputs and timing, you can throw the bombs different distances.


One of the riskiest strategies with bombs is "cooking" them, or allowing the timer to almost run out before you throw them. This would allow you to be more precise in aiming where the explosion occurs, which makes this a super handy strategy for combat. However, waiting too long could result in a quick death for yourself or your trusty pet. The same goes for any time you use a bomb to get to a pet that has been trapped. The explosion could remove the obstacle in your way and the little animal you intended to rescue.

How to use ropes in Spelunky 2

In the Spelunky games, ropes can be used for multiple situations. These include finding safe vantage points to check out upcoming sections of the map and to go back up the way you came if you encounter a dead end. Ropes are handy for crossing over some traps and hazards, as well as in combat. That's right: if you find yourself with an enemy directly above you, a rope can be deployed to smack into them. However, it's usually better to save the rope for its intended purpose.


Perhaps the most important thing to remember about using ropes in Spelunky 2 is that they take a moment to completely unravel. They are basically useless if they're deployed in the midst of a long fall. If you're looking at a potential steep drop (which can usually happen when using bombs to open vertical paths), you may want to go ahead and use one of those ropes to safely lower yourself down. It's better to deploy the rope and replace it at a shop later than to be halfway through a deadly plummet and realize you should have made use of it.