Nolan North Says This Is How Nathan Drake Would Use Tony Stark's Iron Man Suit - Exclusive

Billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark is many things: a groomer of fine goatees, a creator of artificial intelligences both good and evil, and he's Iron Man. Sometimes he's even Robert Downey Jr.

While being Iron Man is more than just wearing a high tech suit of armor, the suit thing is definitely a big part of it. You don't have to be a billionaire, a philanthropist, or a former distributor of weapons of mass destruction (sorry, Tony) to fly, fight, lift heavy objects, or travel into space — you just need the Iron Man suit. If you were wearing any one of Stark's many armors right now, you could save as many kittens from trees as you wanted.


But there's a certain quippy je ne sais quoi that's essential to being Tony Stark — just ask Nolan North, who voices the Armored Avenger himself in the new game, Marvel's Avengers. North is a prolific voice actor, but if gamers found his vocals familiar, it's probably because of his prominent role as the treasure hunter star of the Uncharted series, Nathan Drake.

If you think about it, Tony Stark and Nathan Drake both have that cunning ability to turn a phrase in a moment and offset their antagonist. In fact, Nathan and Tony have a very similar vibe in general. During Looper's recent chat with North, we posed a very serious question: what would happen if Nathan Drake had an Iron Man suit?


Nathan Drake gets rich, rewrites Jarvis

We asked Nolan North (who, it's safe to say, is probably among the world's foremost Nathan Drake experts) what would happen if Drake suddenly had an Iron Man suit. "He makes the Avengers game," North jokes. But the joke is not without reason. "I've already had people that say, 'Hey, I might just pretend it's Nathan Drake in the Iron Man suit.'" Clearly, we here at Looper are on the same page as Uncharted fans with this mindset.


"[Nathan Drake] is like the MacGyver of destroying things with a toothpick," North admits. "He would just probably cause all kinds of chaos in that thing." As for Stark's AI, North has immediate thoughts on that, too: "First of all, he changed Jarvis's voice to Sully."

This little thought exercise is particularly well-timed, as it turns out that North has recently been playing the Uncharted games himself for the first time. "The Lost City of Obar, I just sank, destroyed the whole city," he says. "And I'm thinking, when you asked that question, hey, wait, I could go there. Maybe I could dig back down and get my ring back. Or at least go get some of the treasure and sell it because it's always amazed me that Nathan Drake would come back from these adventures and be completely penniless."


So, if you were wondering what it is that Nathan Drake would do with an Iron Man suit, the answer is simple: he'd make a ton of money treasure hunting and then become as wealthy and philanthropic as, well, Tony Stark.

Marvel's Avengers is available on all platforms now.