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Pokimane Is Leaving Twitch Streamers Speechless

Imane "Pokimane" Anys is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, as well as one of the most outspoken. In recent months, Pokimane has taken the online community to task for how it handles streamer scandals. However, in her latest YouTube upload, Pokimane decided to do something that would spread a bit of positivity throughout the Twitch community. The result was a series of donations that left some Twitch streamers absolutely elated.


At the top of the video, Pokimane explained, "Really, where I am in life today, everything that I have, is thanks to this amazing online community and the support that I've garnered through it."

She added, "Literally all of my closest friends, my roommates [...] the place that I live, everything is a blessing from streaming on Twitch. So, I figured it was a good time to give back."

Pokimane then told her viewers that her plan for the day was to give away $10,000 to different communities on Twitch. She wanted to not only help these channels to grow, but she hoped to also introduce her own viewers to some new streamers. 

"And I know, 10k is a lot of money," Pokimane remarked. "I don't even know if I've ever spent 10k on anything [...] But let's be real here: being a part of the Twitch community, and everything that it's done for me, just that in and of itself has made me much more than 10k." She explained that she was excited for the opportunity to show her appreciation for fellow streamers and to help out some smaller communities on Twitch.


Pokimane began going through various Twitch channels and leaving encouraging messages along with her donations. For some of the larger communities and streamers, like Sodapoppin and GreekGodx, Poki opted to gift subscriptions instead of money. For smaller streamers, she stuck to monetary donations and occasional subs for partnered streamers. The responses were entertaining and largely very sweet.

A streamer by the name of Soojai told her that he was actually "speechless" when he received a donation of $300. This prompted Pokimane to reassure her viewers that she doesn't expect any kind of huge gesture in return. Yuri97 was another smaller streamer who received a sizable donation from Pokimane, which led to her hilariously asking if Pokimane's account had somehow been hacked. Pokimane also donated $500 to ChrunchyChaos, who appeared to get very emotional in response.

One of the best moments came near the end of the video, when Poki donated to a young streamer who goes by the screen name Fluctra. Pokimane seemed genuinely touched when Fluctra remarked that Pokimane was one of her biggest inspirations in the streaming world.

Pokimane donated to a few more content creators, including cooking streamer TheHungerService, before finally reaching her goal of donating $10,000. At the end of the video, Pokimane remarked, "That was such a nice time. It feels really, really good to give back to people who have either intentionally or unintentionally supported me, or people who are just starting their Twitch journey, or people who have been on Twitch for a while [...] and just, you know, boosting other people up."


Pokimane has had a bit of a rough go in the last few months, so this new video must have felt like a breath of fresh air for both her and her viewers. Back in June, Pokimane announced that she was leaving the mansion she shared with content creators at Offline TV. At the time, she explained that she needed some time on her own to focus on herself, but it turned out there was much more to it. She later explained that the reason she really left was because fellow housemate Frederico Michael "Fedmyster" Gaytan had been made her feel uncomfortable on multiple occasions. Around that time, Fedmyster was accused of gross misconduct by multiple women, which led to him being dismissed from the Offline TV collective. 

In August, Pokimane announced that she was feeling burnt out from the constant work that goes into maintaining her streaming operation, so she wanted to take an extended break from streaming. Pokimane also uploaded a lengthy apology video in which she cleared the air on some of her mistakes in the past. Pokimane returned to Twitch earlier this month, and it seems as though the time off has done wonders for her outlook.

Fan response to Pokimane's latest upload has been extremely positive, with some people commending her for using her platform to boost other creators in the Twitch community. Some aspiring streamers were inspired by Poki's video, expressing their hope that they could one day be able to do something like this for their own viewers.