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Gamers That Fell Asleep While Live Streaming

Streaming is not always an easy job. While it may be fun, playing video games in front of a live audience can be quite demanding. Streamers are expected to be on and alert, maintaining high energy and a sharp wit for several hours. Many will host gaming marathons that air for 24 hours or more. At the end of a long stream, these charismatic individuals can look forward to a well-deserved rest. Sometimes, rest comes when a streamer least expects it.


Those heavy eyelids can easily feel the weight of their own existence when their owner is seated comfortably for long periods of time. As the imagery of a game gently hypnotizes the player, it can sometimes prove impossible to fight the inevitable shut-eye that lurks around the corner.

Nothing is shameful about drifting off into slumberland in front of thousands of viewers. In fact, sleeping on stream has grown into quite the lucrative genre. Even though streamers can make tons of money via live snoozing, such a phenomenon is not always intentional. Here are some gamers that fell asleep while live streaming.

Fast money while fast asleep

Who would have thought sleeping could earn you quick and easy money? Turns out that sometimes it pays to sleep on the job.

Esports caster Trooper posted a video on YouTube reporting on a streamer named FONZY who unknowingly found himself in a comical situation. Discovering the stream via Twitter, Trooper hopped over to find the snoozing gamer in a Rocket League menu, which the Esports caster described as "the most marvelous, splendid thing [he'd] ever seen."


Other commentators were present to offer audio commentary during this thrilling nap. At one point it looked as though FONZY was about to wake up, but he simply shifted his head to the other side. Donations rolled in as eager viewers tried to wake him from his slumber. Participants in the audio commentary seemed to get a real kick out of watching this guy snooze, though they were also envious of his growing followers and growing funds.

According to Trooper, his view count grew from around 40 to over 200. Much to everyone's dismay, however, the stream suddenly ended. Apparently, this sleepy streamer was banned, which led Trooper to wonder if sleeping on Twitch was at that time a punishable offense.


She did it for her fans

For YouTuber and streamer MsGrimoire, falling asleep live was inevitable. After finishing her game, she was so tired that the exhaustion came through in her voice. She even told her viewers how tired she was, but that didn't stop her, despite encouragement from her audience to get some rest. She continued her stream, telling everyone "I love that you guys care for me, but I also care for you."


For about an hour, she continued casually chatting with viewers about food, her sleepiness, her streaming setup, traveling, and more. Some Twitch users suggested she turn it into a sleeping steam, and while that may not have been her intention, that is exactly what happened.

Even though she told everyone she needed to sleep, she continued streaming out of pure stubbornness, as she explained. The allure of good conversation kept her around for another 40 minutes. Following multiple bouts of fake snoozing, she had her first, albeit brief, encounter with the Sandman. From there, she nodded off a few times, but then the blanket came out. Even then, she simply wouldn't give up until she passed out for nearly three minutes. At that point, she knew it was finally time to wrap it up.


Going for the record

Streaming for 75 hours? Few would dare to even think of staying awake that long. For Alfie (AKA Alfierules), his drive to break a streaming record pushed him to test his body's limits.

With only ten minutes to go, Alfie nodded off while RuneScape ran in the background. He stirred a few times, but six minutes later, he was fighting a losing battle. Some members of his chat declared that he should start his marathon stream over.


An offscreen individual named Eric served as a cheerleader to help him power through his final four minutes. Charged with the simple task of clicking a tree to keep him qualified for the new record, Alfie listened to his hype man and did as he was told. Eric attempted to wake Alfie one last time and the streamer regained consciousness with two minutes left ... then nodded off again.

As he made it to the final stretch, he asked Eric if he had to cut down another tree. When Eric said yes, his response was "Who cares," as if the previous 74+ hours didn't matter in the face of such extreme exhaustion. With one more minute remaining, Eric left him on his own, and he triumphantly pulled it off!

Busted for napping

Let the following be a lesson to always listen to your body and never push yourself past your physical limits. Streamer Pyro Tr3Y was running on very little sleep, but his commitment to his viewers was such that he chose to power through and play some Call of Duty. Unfortunately, his internal clock took matters into its own hands.


After some intense gunplay, he paused the game and fell asleep. His rest lasted about 30 minutes, after which his dad came knocking on the door. Following a few failed attempts to verbally wake his son, he approached the slumbering streamer and shook his chair several times. Finally, he stirred from his nap and was so exhausted, he could barely speak. His dad then told him his gaming session was over and asked how long he was asleep. As Pyro Tr3Y ended his game, he struggled to keep his eyes open. 

His dad was pretty displeased with him, and the whole scene took place live with other gamers in a group call. For many, this might have been a humiliating experience that couldn't be forgotten fast enough. Pyro Tr3Y instead took it in stride, posting the video himself for all to enjoy.


The ResidentSleeper

Is there any greater honor than becoming an emote on Twitch? One sleepy streamer received such a tribute after an incident during a 72-hour marathon.

ResidentSleeper is a stock emote on Twitch that is often used to signify boredom or sleepiness. Like most emotes, this one has an origin story.


Known on Twitch as OddlerPro, the man behind the emote hosted a 72-hour marathon playing Resident Evil games, hence the "Resident" of ResidentSleeper. The "Sleeper" portion of the name was earned at around the 66-hour mark. Staying awake even that long is impressive, but more impressive is how his stream blew up from a mere 900 viewers to 13,000, all because he fell asleep. 

After waking up, he left the room as if the stream wasn't even happening. While he was gone, a baffled chat speculated as to his condition and whereabouts. According to OddlerPro, he didn't actually wake up but instead was sleepwalking to his bed. Unfortunately, he spent the remainder of the marathon sleeping, but perhaps more importantly, he would later be immortalized on Twitch. At the time he was very upset to fall short of his goal, but the ResidentSleeper emote made it all worthwhile.


Sailing through slumberland

Few experiences in life are more exciting than sailing the high seas, especially through the eyes of a pirate. A lively bunch, pirates must be awake and alert as often as possible. Streamers living the vicarious pirate life, however ... that's a different story.


With the thrilling and adventurous music of Sea of Thieves piping through, Jodi, also known as QuarterJade, suddenly and unexpectedly passed out. She appeared quite awake, but with a dramatic head roll, she faded away. One of her friends lightly alerted her and she was back just as quickly as she was asleep.

Later on, with an in-game evening sky and an accordion squeezing out a gentle tune, QuarterJade was lulled back to sleep. Her friend saw it coming and preemptively called her name, but to no avail. Just before her head dropped forward, she woke again, clearly a bit out of it.

She didn't make it known why she was so drowsy, so it's up to the imagination to fill in the details. Perhaps Sea of Thieves simply wasn't doing it for her.


Sleeping or faking?

During a Fortnite stream, Moongraal not only slept, but snored quite loudly. The footage in question had a face cam and featured a second camera dedicated to his mouse and keyboard, allowing viewers to watch the master in action (or lack thereof). As he sat in deep sleep, his hands appeared motionless, yet his character fired at the ceiling and even moved a bit.


He shook his head and returned to a waking state, asking if it was still happening. He seemed quite surprised to be where he was but managed to hop back in the action immediately.

Watching the video, there's something a little unusual about the way he slept. The way he moved, his head remaining upright, the sound of the snoring — it's all a little suspicious. His eyes almost appeared slightly open. Was he really asleep, or was it all an act? Though it's unlikely someone would go through the trouble to fake sleep on stream, it appears to be a fairly lucrative enterprise. See the footage for yourself and you decide!

Talking in your sleep

It's one thing for a streamer to fall asleep while streaming for all their dedicated fans. It's another for a streamer to talk in their sleep while streaming for all their dedicated fans. Talking in their sleep in a group call while streaming for all their dedicated fans, however ... that's a special experience.


During a Minecraft stream with friends, GeorgeNotFound announced that he was going to go lie down, to which one of his fellow streamers responded that he couldn't leave. His pals continued playing while he rested, but soon he would float off into dreamland.

One friend tried to wake him up while the other thought it would be more humorous to let him sleep — a decision that wound up paying off.

As they played Minecraft, one of the streamers in the call thought he heard some sleep talking. Moments later, audible mumbling came through, and both friends excitedly confirmed what they thought they heard. They laughed at this discovery and GeorgeNotFound awoke to deny the accusations of sleep talking. As much as he tried to refute what happened, it's clear from the audio that he was chatting while he slept.


Sleeping with the fishes

There's no harm in getting a little shut-eye while waiting for a game to load. Sleeping while riding a horse, however, is not advisable. Little did streamer MrYoobster realize that his drowsiness would bring his character to an untimely and humorous demise.


Within the safe confines of an airship, MrYoobster took the opportunity to rest up while waiting for a match in Realm Royale to begin. Fortunately, he awoke just in time to deploy.

Though he seemed to wake up refreshed, a mighty yawn was an indication of things to come. He did his best to fight through heavy eyelids, managing to stay alert enough to continue moving forward. The more he struggled to keep his eyes open, the more he seemed to drift off, leaving his character on its own to helplessly run against a wall. Even under these conditions, he survived quite a while and picked off a few opponents.

He tried readjusting in his chair, but it wasn't enough to keep him awake. With only 13 players left in the match, he made the fatal mistake of hopping on a horse. As MrYoobster drifted off once more, the poor horse and rider were left unsupervised and lept straight into the ocean.


What are friends for?

It's nice to know that when you're drifting off in the middle of your stream, you can count on your friends to laugh at your situation. While in the King of the Hill lobby for Z1 Battle Royale, KP5IVE gently drifted away to sleepy town. A group of his friends were in the stream together and checked to see if he was still around. When he failed to respond, they wondered if he was sleeping. After a chat member told them to wake him up, they all had a chuckle.


His fellow streamers tried to get his attention, with one warning him not to get "banned on Twitch again." Even though they all laughed over his predicament, they proved to be true friends. In an effort to prevent him from suffering the wrath of the ban hammer, one of his friends initiated a voice call. The ring was very loud, but it didn't seem to work. Another friend screamed and yelled his name. They all noticed that poor KP was drooling on himself and shared another laugh.

Nothing seemed to be loud enough to wake him, so in an impressive demonstration of friendship, they all found his character and tried to get his attention without killing him. After landing several punches, they accidentally killed his character and mourned its death. In the end, he was disconnected from the game.


It happened so fast

Completing the 24-hour streaming marathon is a fairly common yet difficult goal for streamers. Falling asleep during a marathon stream is just as common. For streamer scarra, all it took was a few seconds of shut-eye to suffer a full beat down.


It all happened while playing League of Legends. At one point during his marathon, a chat member complimented his stamina, telling him he didn't look at all tired. He called it his secret power but admitted he was exhausted. Soon enough, this power would fail him.

At the first sign of sleepiness, scarra quickly came to and covered it up by telling his viewers he thought of the future, and that "the future's looking great." It's true he saw the future because he predicted dying in the game as a result of closing his eyes.

Admitting that his exhaustion was affecting his performance, he soon passed out, leaving his poor character defenseless. Rival players took advantage and they fired at him from all directions. He quickly woke up asking what happened, but by then it was too late. Regardless, he made it to the end of the marathon, and that's what mattered.


Everyone sleeps

You would never expect someone who appears as high energy as Isla Jae to fall asleep while streaming, but even she gets tired sometimes. In a Twitch clip titled "Sleep is for the weak," she was clearly determined to soldier through her exhaustion. Playing Tom Clancy's The Division, she struggled, but kept her eyes open while resting her head on her microphone. Not only had she been live on Twitch for hours, but she drank throughout the stream. Even so, she refused to grab herself a cup of coffee. Soon after, her eyelids drifted downward. She was fast asleep atop her mic as her character ran against a wall.


One of her friends in the call discussed the drawbacks of day drinking while she was knocked out. They tried waking her and encouraged her to shut off her stream to avoid the possibility of getting banned, but she remained asleep. Fortunately, they found the perfect way to stir her from her slumber.

With the instantly recognizable sounds of Rick Astley coming through, she woke with a sour look on her face. She did not seem too pleased that she was Rickrolled into a waking state.

Sleep commentary

When word got out that a streamer named SzauceBoss failed to stay awake for a 24-hour live stream, Antitinkerbell had a duty to perform. She took it upon herself to hop over to his stream and check in, offering the good people of her community live commentary.


The streamer in question fell for sleep's alluring call in Rocket League, and according to Antitinkerbell, he gained a ton of followers as a result. She continued her reporting duties, explaining that there were efforts to shut his stream down to prevent the channel from receiving a ban.

Antitinkerbell commented that she had done 24-hour streams before and never passed out like this fellow. She listened in on a call where his friends were hard at work cracking the code to end his stream. From there, she took a step back to observe as the situation unfolded.

A friend in the call alluded to this being one of many failed attempts at completing a 24-hour marathon, then thanked everyone and apologized on SzauceBoss's behalf. After jokingly suggesting he'd send an ambulance, the rest of his friends humorously mulled over the idea. In the end, Antitinkerbell popped on once more to sign off.