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The 5 Best And 5 Worst Ninja Plays

Thanks in part to his unprecedented skill at Fortnite, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has transformed into one of the gaming world's biggest streaming personalities. He has amassed over 15 million followers on Twitch and 24.1 million subscribers on YouTube, and appeared on programs such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Big names from other industries have even joined him for Fortnite sessions, including rappers Drake and Travis Scott.


Ninja's journey began in Halo's competitive esports scene, and he later hopped on the battle royale bandwagon. He first turned to PUBG but achieved celebrity status when he streamed Fortnite, gaining two million Twitch followers in six months according to GamesRadar. His knack for shooters, on-screen presence, and hyper personality continue to draw in viewers.

Everyone makes mistakes though — even Ninja. Following the downfall of Mixer, the Fortnite savant struck another exclusive deal with Twitch. Now that Ninja has returned home, it seems like an ideal time to look back on some of his best and worst gameplay moments.

Best: Beating the duo world record - Fortnite

Ninja and fellow Fortnite streamer Reverse2k achieved 43 consecutive duo wins in 2019, setting a new record for the battle royale. The two expert players made the rounds look easy, though Dot Esports reported that Ninja took a different approach than usual. He played less aggressively in some matches, instead waiting on the other competitors to eliminate each other. 


The pair had to deal with stream snipers who attempted to get any edge they could. The winning play depicted the excellent teamwork between Ninja and Reverse2k as they called out enemy locations and described appropriate strategies. The final eliminations included a Boogie Bomb daze and the annihilation of a player who launched from within the storm. After securing the last kill, Ninja loosed a scream that could make even the best of ears bleed. The rest is gaming history.

Worst: Failing to qualify for the 2019 World Cup - Fortnite

Ninja desperately tried to garner enough points to qualify for the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. Unfortunate events, slow reaction times, and his own disappointment  plagued his 10 sessions, however.

The streamer made a number of bad plays throughout the competition but the first few seconds set a bad tone for the remaining games. Ninja dropped in during the initial match and released his umbrella too early. He tried to catch himself with a build but couldn't do it fast enough, causing him to die and place 99th before the action had even begun.


According to ESPN, Ninja attempted to qualify via duos with Reverse2k but they failed to hit their goal. The pair finished 25 points short, causing Ninja to miss out on the chance to walk away with up to $30 million in prize money. Instead, the popular Fortnite player watched the World Cup from the sidelines.

Best: The power of the platform - Fortnite

On Aug. 26, 2020, Ninja shared a Fortnite throwback with his YouTube audience. During the session, he commented on the concept that individuals with high profile platforms could do a great deal for charity before surprising an enemy with some quick gun blasts. Someone tried to shoot Ninja from a fort and he handled the situation calmly and with patience. He waited momentarily before building a ramp to get a better angle, further demonstrating his strategic mindset when most players would simply return fire.


Ninja handled these encounters while casually talking to the chat about the need for streamers to use their platforms for good. His enemies didn't make him stumble over his words or lose his cool — he simply continued talking, unfazed by the player trying to eliminate him. While not off the rails, these plays showcased Ninja's ability to think fast and multitask. Fortnite is clearly second nature to him.

Worst: Dance to your death - Fortnite

Ninja can get a bit cocky when it comes to video games, which occasionally leads to funny moments. During one Fortnite session, a squad member launched a rocket so Ninja could ride it and close some distance. Ninja praised his partner and himself for their timing and taunted the enemy by saying "daddy's comin' for you." It looked like a cool moment but Ninja began to dance and lost focus. His playful banter quickly turned into a scream of terror when he danced his way right off the airborne missile.


After falling and landing on a structure, Ninja found himself in a precarious and hilarious situation. While the gameplay is entertaining on its own, Ninja's reaction really drove it home. His buddy, KingRichard15, laughed at the encounter and Ninja soon joined in, emphasizing the importance of being able to laugh at yourself — even if you're one of the best Fortnite players in the world.

Best: Dominating Storage Town - Warzone

Though Ninja rose to prominence through Fortnite, he has dominated a number of online shooters, including titles like Valorant and Call of DutyFortnite remains his bread and butter, but it's fun to see him bring his skills to bear in other games. That's especially true in Call of Duty: Warzone. While some players complain about getting shot in the back or sniped, Ninja makes Warzone look easy.


Ninja showed off his Warzone prowess during an April 2020 Storage Town play in which he eliminated several competitors with ease. The session illustrated Ninja's battlefield awareness and ability to anticipate the moves of his enemies. He did not stay in one spot and constantly flanked opponents. Despite taking multiple shots, Ninja turned the tables by crouching and gaining the superior position before going on to win the match with 21 kills.

Worst: "Didn't hurt him once" - Fortnite

During one Fortnite session, Ninja went on the offensive, jumped down behind the enemy's build, missed his sniper shot, and tried to pickaxe his foe to death. The opponent leaped out of the way and Ninja failed to score a clean hit. The fiasco ended when the enemy killed Ninja with a Pump Shotgun.


The encounter contained a wealth of mistakes. When the squad noticed an enemy in the bush, they went on the attack. Ninja threw his last Impulse Grenade to get a noscope from the air. He missed the grenade and decided to go for a sniper shot from the hip ... only to miss again. Finally, he tried to kill the enemy with a pickaxe instead of switching to a more suitable weapon.

After being bested, Ninja admitted he should have shield checked his opponent. The fatal mistake cost the squad a win — an important reminder that even one of Fortnite's best players has his bad days.

Best: Plane hopping - Fortnite

In 2018, Ninja showed off his steady aim by taking out a pilot from the ground, making Fortnite look like a Call of Duty campaign. He plane hopped, hijacked two planes in a row, and killed the pilots with a Pump Shotgun.


The sequence resembled a stunt Uncharted's Nathan Drake might pull off, minus the cinematic camera angles and Drake's consistent cries of "crap." Ninja quickly utilized a build to block incoming fire and perfectly timed a jump to land on top of a plane. He stood on it like Rico Rodriguez of Just Cause before throwing himself off and guiding his hamburger parachute to the next plane.

While Ninja got lucky with the enemy flight patterns, the maneuver still required a great deal of precision and skill. It was so unbelievable that one of his squad members asserted that the play should be a bannable offense.

Worst: A classic mistake - Fortnite

It's refreshing to see a streamer like Ninja make a common mistake. After dodging some gunfire in Fortnite, Ninja took out an RPG and accidentally shot the wall in front of him, killing himself. This happens in all types of games. Even the best players have accidentally chucked a grenade at their cover, blowing themselves up. It's a pitfall for beginners and experts alike.


The gameplay offered a roller coaster ride of emotions as Ninja played peek-a-boo with his opponent for an extended period. It showcased the skill of both combatants as they created cover and sneaked in shots. The excitement crested when Ninja took out the RPG, only to dissipate when he shot the structure he just built. In a surprising turn of events, Ninja didn't scream or get angry — he simply sat in silence before eventually uttering "good fight, that's unfortunate."

Best: Surprise! - Fortnite

While Ninja's Fortnite skills are well documented, his finest moments are often the most comedic. In 2018, he used a Shockwave Grenade to destroy a wall and maneuver behind his final opponent. Ninja paused to laugh at the oblivious enemy, really driving the moment home.


It's difficult to pinpoint whether the situation arose due to luck, skill, or a combination of the two. While Ninja didn't do anything too crafty during the play, it showed off his confidence and willingness to risk the match to have a little fun. In a moment reminiscent of a horror title, the Fortnite master waited until the enemy turned around to shoot him in the face. What a way to go out.

Worst: "Where did you come from?" - Fortnite

During a Fortnite match, Ninja took the time to replenish his shields when an enemy dropped from above and killed him. His ensuing rant about not knowing where the foe came from may be valid, but the enemy was clearly visible. Ninja didn't see them until it was too late.


The streamer was taking a breather when the enemy suddenly appeared. Instead of jumping into action, he started scrolling through menus. Ninja's face filled with surprise as he exclaimed that he didn't understand how the foe had entered the room.

This sort of situation arises frequently while watching other people play games. In the heat of the moment, with several elements vying for their attention, streamers may miss something important. An enemy may be visible to the viewer, but invisible to the player. Still, in the past, Ninja has demonstrated his ability to multitask and keep a watchful eye on his surroundings, making this particular moment an uncharacteristic but understandable mistake.