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Small Details You Missed In Miles Morales' First Boss Fight

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is shaping up to be a pretty spectacular adventure. The gameplay that has been released has certainly looked impressive, but fans just got to see a whole lot more. In a new clip released by Game Informer, players get to see Miles Morales take on his first boss battle against Rhino. It's a sequence so thrilling that Spidey fans may even forgive Insomniac Games for changing Peter Parker's face in Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered. There are also a few smaller moments in this short tease of Miles' new adventure that fans may have missed.


Beware of slight spoilers ahead for Marvel's Spider-Man.

Right from the very start, this clip shows multiple instances of Miles still being unsure of his powers. Miles clearly has a few of the basics down, but he's still smoothing out some of the rougher edges. It's obvious that poor Miles wasn't quite ready for a battle of this scale. For instance, in the very first shots, Peter can be seen swinging over to a wall and clinging to it with no problem. Meanwhile, Miles is sliding down the side of the wall, clearly still trying to get a good grip on it. 

In the next second, Peter and Miles fire off some webs to try to stop a careening police transport jet. This is another moment when players can clearly see Miles' relative inexperience with his abilities. Peter continues to cling to the building with just his lower body, squatting at an almost vertical angle. Miles, however, has to continue holding onto the building with one hand, awkwardly turning to fire a web with his other hand. It looks like it's difficult for Miles to aim from that angle, which may be why the transport ship goes down in such a spectacular fashion. These are some interesting small ways for the game to show that Peter has been doing this for a lot longer than Miles. Although Miles does an admirable job of keeping pace with Peter, he's still clearly new at this. However, viewers will soon see that the one-handed web shooting isn't the only signifier of Miles' inexperience.


In a blink and you'll miss it moment, big fans of the first Marvel's Spider-Man game are given a clue about which villain may be in the cargo plane. After the aircraft goes down, a giant prisoner containment unit goes skidding across the pavement. On the side of the container is the word "RAFT." The Raft is the prison for super criminals that houses some of Spidey's greatest foes. In the first game, Spider-Man fails to contain a massive breakout at the Raft, resulting in the formation of the Sinister Six. Considering the roster of super villains present at the Raft, it's pretty easy to guess which one of his enemies is inside the massive metal container.

Just before Rhino bursts onto the scene, there's a brief moment when Miles breaks a major rule of being out in the field as a superhero. After the cargo plane crashes into the ground, the two Spider-Men swing down to the ground floor to survey the damage. Seemingly feeling guilty for the destruction, Miles shouts Peter's civilian name as he apologizes. Peter quickly cuts him off, telling him that it's okay, but there may be another reason why Peter interrupts Miles. Even though it appears there aren't many people around, Miles could have just outed Peter Parker's secret identity.


After the introductory cutscene, viewers are thrust into Miles' fight against Rhino. Fans of the first game will remember that this isn't the first time that Miles has faced down Rhino. Marvel's Spider-Man featured a particularly tense sequence in which players took control of Miles, guiding him out of one of Rhino's rampages in one piece. However, that mission took place before Miles gained his powers. It's fun to see Miles finally being able to fight back against Rhino, instead of running and ducking behind cover.

In fact, it's so easy to get caught up in the excitement of Rhino boss fight that you might end up missing one important detail: Miles is fighting Rhino solo. Although the preceding cutscene showed Miles and Peter staring Rhino down, the very next clip has the young hero battling the super villain without his mentor at his side. What happened to Peter? Is the senior Spider-Man off helping the civilians in the area, getting people to safety? Obviously, a scene or two has been skipped here.

Fans will simply have to wait for these questions to be answered when Spider-Man: Miles Morales finally arrives on Nov. 12, 2020.