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How Long Does It Take To Beat Yakuza: Like A Dragon?

The Yakuza games are notorious (in a good way) for their length. Despite featuring relatively small game worlds, each entry is packed past the breaking point with content. Some Yakuza play lengths approach the triple digits. So, with each new Yakuza title comes the inevitable question of how many hours will you need to sacrifice in order to finish the game, and the same applies to the upcoming Yakuza game, Yakuza: Like a Dragon.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a first for the franchise in many ways. It is the first time a Yakuza game will star a new protagonist, city, and turn-based RPG combat. Like a Dragon is the first time the series will feature an English dub since the very first entry (the spin-off title Judgement notwithstanding). And, Like a Dragon is the first time a Yakuza title will initially launch on a non-PlayStation console — the Xbox Series X to be exact — before eventually making its way onto the PlayStation 5. With all of these changes to the standard Yakuza formula, the matter of game length is more important than ever. Thankfully, we already know the answer to this pertinent question.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon doesn't take too long to finish, but completing it is a challenge

Even though Yakuza: Like a Dragon won't release stateside until November 10 (or March 2, 2021, if you want the PlayStation 5 version), the game has been available in Japan since January, so Japanese players have been kind enough to reveal everything worth knowing about the game. This includes the game's narrative, secrets, and length.


According to a translation of Famitsu's 1,623rd issue, if you blaze through Like a Dragon's story, you will clock in around 30 hours of playtime. However, if you stop to smell all the roses and sing all the karaoke songs, the game will last 100 hours. Since Like a Dragon is an RPG, levels play a major role in the game. Therefore, only tackling the main story is a foolhardy task that will leave you underleveled and unprepared for late-game challenges. For optimal play, you will probably spend anywhere between 50 and 80 hours if you aren't concerned with checking off completionist boxes.